Why does my dog suffer from sepretion anxiety?

asked 2016-11-17 00:46:18 -0500

I have a 1 year old golden retriever german shepherd mix. All was right in the world until my aunt's male chihuahua came over for a visit. She never had a problem with us leaving. Now I can't even go to the restroom without her clawing at the door and crying like im never coming back. Crying of absolute terror even when i get out of her line of sight. Also, she has become scared of my other animals. I have two guinea pigs. One of them has allergies and everytime he sneezes her ears drop back and she claws at our feet in a desperate attempt to get on the bed. I've purchased sepretion anxiety toys and increased the length of our walks. Nothing has worked and now she is keeping me up at night. I want to help her get better but I am stumped on what to do.

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answered 2016-11-20 15:58:39 -0500

Wow sounds pretty serious, poor girl. I would talk to your veterinarian about starting her on separation anxiety medication. The other thing that has worked for a lot of my clients is "Thunder shirt", the Thunder shirts are a little more pricey but I have only heard and see great results from them. Best of Luck!

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Teaching your pet the difference between "Stay" & "Wait" is a great strategy for helping with anxiety. "Stay" means they sit & wait for you to come back, practice this in small increments. Wait means they sit & wait until you call them to come. Using the "Wait" command teaches them you always return

Brian H.'s profile image Brian H.  ( 2017-01-04 15:06:17 -0500 ) edit

I have a dog who has anxiety (abused as a pup). He is much better now, but still gets anxious. Dogs play off of your emotions, so keep a calm voice. I have a Thunder shirt, it helped slightly. What I found has calmed him down instantaneously: drop of DILUTED FOOD GRADE LAVENDER OIL on me.YoungLiving

Jennifer S.'s profile image Jennifer S.  ( 2022-01-07 18:10:12 -0500 ) edit

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