How do I make sure my new dog knows I'm their owner and not my roommate????

asked 2019-07-13 20:36:09 -0500

Hi! I got a new shy sweet dachshund that is 2 years old and very nervous and loves being around people. My roommate was very excited when I got this dog too but she is making it very difficult for me to having bonding time with the dog so that she acknowledges me as her owner. My dog loves jumping into beds. So she often sits on my bed. Her toys, and water are kept in my room, and she sleeps in my room. However, my roommate is always in her bed (like lives her entire time that she's home doing things in her bed), and I am not the kind of person that is always in my bed. I stay in the common area. When I take my dog on a walk and come back, my dog immediately sprints for the first bed that she sees another person in, and stays there until no one is paying attention to her. As a result, my new dog spends all the time with my roommate unless I remove her (which would appear rude because my roommate encourages this and always makes comments saying she wants all the attention from her). She also always calls on my dogs name when I am trying to get her attention or work on training her or work on her schedule, thus making it harder to train her. I do not want to isolate my dog from my roommate but I am afraid that she is going to bond with her and not acknowledge me as her owner. What do I do?

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