What type of food we should give to the dog to make them healthy?

asked 2018-10-24 11:34:41 -0500

What type of food we should give to the dog to make them healthy?

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After observing & working with many vets, the foods they seem to love and recommend most are Purina or Blue Wilderness. (They all hate Beneful but love Pro Plan from Purina!)

Clare T.'s profile imageClare T. ( 2018-10-25 05:12:14 -0500 )edit

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answered 2018-10-25 13:07:16 -0500

That question has been a topic of strong debate for many years! I am on a breed forum that has food choices broken down into several types, because there are diehard fans of different types.

From personal experience, I was a kibble feeder for many years, and a raw feeder for many years. When I fed kibble it was always high quality, with meat as primary ingredients as opposed to grain.

It took me a while to become a raw feeder (did research, etc.) Without a doubt, my dog was in its absolute prime condition on raw. No skin allergies, no bad breath (raw includes uncooked bones which clean tartar off their teeth), reduced stool size, no weight problems.

Many don't understand raw feeding, even vets, but done properly there simply is nothing better. Side note: raw bones break, they don't splinter. Bowel obstruction is not an issue. Cooked bones should never been given.

A dog is a carnivore. They have the digestive system of a carnival. Mouth-to-anus they are designed to process meat and bone. They can eat grains, veggies without ill effect, but these are not necessary in their diet.

My observations have come from years feeding both raw and kibble. To answer your question, raw is best, if you don't like that, then do research on kibbles that have more meat in them then grains, especially corn (a filler).

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But also make sure to read about the current debate/initial research regarding whether the binders being used in some of the boutique "holistic" grain free feeds, specifically the legumes, may be inhibiting taurine absorption/causing heart disease. Is very complicated.

Tim J.'s profile imageTim J. ( 2018-10-26 19:36:08 -0500 )edit

I did some research a few years back--had a Great Dane, a breed prone to DCM. Current research seems to advise against using plant-based proteins as primary protein source, focus on high quality meat proteins. Best to label check, ingredients listed in order of weight..you can get an idea.

Cindy G.'s profile imageCindy G. ( 2018-10-27 11:36:11 -0500 )edit
answered 2018-10-24 19:23:35 -0500

This is a topic you should discuss with your veterinarian as different breeds and the age of the dog plays a major role in selecting good nutritious food.

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Cindy is correct though that there is a huge, polarized debate about this in the pet world regarding whether vets are the best source of information on nutrition. It's a shit show of opinions.

Tim J.'s profile imageTim J. ( 2018-10-26 19:34:30 -0500 )edit
answered 2018-11-28 03:13:33 -0500

Look into the brand Orijens. It's quality and very reputable.

Side note on dog food. Food is best when it is fresh. This is true across the board for humans and dogs. Common sense right? So please think twice about ordering your dogs food from sites like AMAZON. Think about it. The products Amazon sells including food products sit in wearhouses for who knows how long before it gets shipped out. You are much better ordering direct from manufacturer or buying from a good pet store. And check the date.

Same reason why you shouldn't buy coffee from Amazon. You'll be lucky to get a bag that was roasted less than five years ago. No thank you.

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