Corgi pup acting aggressive in specific situations?

asked 2018-07-03 09:29:34 -0600

Hello all!

I have a 13-week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi male that is having some behavioral issues. He likes to roughhouse with other dogs (my family's, my roommate's) which is generally okay, but I've observed certain situations where he changes from playing to full-on attacking the other dog. It seems to happen when the other dog is given lovey-dovey attention at certain times (like when I come home from work) or if the other dog starts to win at play-fighting. We have done our best to teach him that such behaviour is NOT okay (scolding, brief pen time) but the problem seems to persist and he is possibly getting more vicious. I am not sure what the underlying cause is, and I am not sure how to best approach solving it. He has NOT been neutered yet, but will be eventually.

Thanks for your time!


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answered 2018-07-05 11:32:16 -0600

Does the 13 week old dog act aggressively towards other dogs when you walk him? Or is it just his house mate? I will say that neutering may not necessarily help. The issue is a behavioral one as you know. However, I do believe that male dogs who are companion animals and not show dogs (show dogs, may in the future be used as breeding stock; although not all are used in one's breeding program.) should be neutered. We have too many dogs born today that can not find homes. For now I will say that when you are giving attention to the other dog, have this dog in his kennel. Bring your dog to a canine behaviorist who can assist you. If this behavior continues it can lead to dire consequences for your dog and possibly other dogs in your area.

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answered 2018-07-16 11:16:45 -0600

ok so when it comes to play. dogs when play fighting can sometimes get out of hand like that. they get over stimulated and switch from play to fight. penning her up most likely wont help . when dogs play they normally take turns being the "dominate one". you will see them take turns. one will be the one pinned on the ground then he will pin the other to the ground and so on. this is fine and well when you have two dogs that are well socialized and have learned how to play properly this doesnt turn into a full blown fight. there's two possibilities here. one you have to take into count the fact your dog is still very young. puppy's are not born knowing how to play the right way. its something they have to learn. when the other dog "starts winning the fight" (pinning him down or putting his paw on his back) your dog may be seeing it as him trying to dominate him. so he goes from "hey this is fun" to "oh hell no i dont think so". if your watch them closely you can see when the play starts to change and then you can stop it before a attack happens. if a attack does happen though there are a few things you should do. if he is the only one attacking then you should pin him to the ground using your hand to act like a dogs jaw on the side of his nack and firmly ( not too hard) hold him to the ground. then you should bring over the dog that got attacked and him have camly sit right beside the attacking dog as you have him pinned to the ground. now let me explain. when he was with his mother and played too rough with her she would take her jaws and pin him to the ground to "punish" him. this taught him limits when playing. this is all natural and its a language that a dog understands. the point in bring the other dog over is becuase if you leave it be and just punish the attack the one who was attacked will become scared of him and possibly other dogs as well. when you pin the attacker to the ground your making him submit. the other dog sees this and sees you are in control and it helps make him feel better. the point in bring him over while the attack is pinned is becuase you then make the one that was attacked the dominate one. and it shows him that its ok to be around him again. some dogs are just born more dominate then other dogs. for example. my pitbull lab mix will let my other dogs push her off her food bowl. now if my other dogs tried that with my peekehund she would snap at them and let them know "hey this is my bowl leave me alone" as you can ... (more)

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