Does anyone have/use a client agreement to reimburse service provider (you) for damage to property done by their pet?

asked 2017-09-08 11:14:18 -0600

Hey everyone,

I just accepted my first boarding - a sweet Husky boy. For the most part he's great, but he destroyed a couple small things in my home already, and I fear that it might only get worse...

After scouring the forums on here, I realized that there is still quite a bit of grey area in terms of what can be done about damage caused to your property while providing walking/daycare/boarding services to Pet Owners. Some people claim that this is the service provider's responsibility (you), and that damage to your property should just be considered the cost of doing business.

However, others have said that they have cobbled together a pseudo-contract that they have the client sign during the M&G that essentially has the client agree to reimburse the service provider for any damage that is caused by their pet during the stay.

The Rover ToS doesn't appear to cover this, so does anyone know if this would be a violation to the Rover contract?

Also, if anyone does use a form like this to cover damage, would you be willing to share it with me? I would of course scrub it of all personal info and customize it for my own use.


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