What is the best food for a german shepherd puppy?

asked 2017-06-05 17:55:26 -0500

What is the best food for a german shepherd puppy?

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answered 2017-06-05 18:15:33 -0500

I bred large and giant breeds for years and I never, and I repeat never give puppy food to large breed puppies. In the wild, dogs or wolf pups eat last and what is left is mostly ligaments, tendons and such so very low protein levels and their baby teeth can't quite handle chewing bones so low calcium as well so I try to replicate that for my growing pups. And besides, genetics not food will determine the full grown size of your dog.

You want a good quality kibble with no more than mid 20's protein levels and not too high in calcium. You want a nice slow and steady growth. Feeding a large breed pup high protein puppy food can cause all sorts of issues like Panosteitis which is growing pains, knuckling over is another condition where the ligaments and tendons dont grow as fast as the bones as well as other conditions.

This is a link to the great dane lady's website which is filled with very good info on large dogs, give it a read: http://www.greatdanelady.com/articles...

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