Why is my dog unhappy when I take a shower?

asked 2017-05-25 22:26:07 -0500

My 6-month Pomeranian mix puppy is very sweet and loving. He's well-behaved and has no separation anxiety issues.

However, he gets so sad and unhappy every time I take a shower. He whimpers and moans as if I were in great danger. I've tried to lock the bathroom door behind or maintain eye-contact with him while taking a shower. Either way he gets very sad.

This is a great mystery because (1) he is completely okay when my husband takes a shower and (2) he himself enjoys his bath.

Can anyone explain this mystery? Has anyone had the same issue?

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-06-03 01:12:52 -0500

My guess is that since he's only 6 mo. old, he actually may have some separation anxiety from you, his pack leader.

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