Why is my dog eating grass?

asked 2017-01-21 20:17:06 -0500

My dog has recently started eating grass when we go on walks, and I feel like this might be causing him to have tummy troubles. Any idea why he does this, and if it's something I should stop?

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My vet said that my dog eats grass because his belly is upset. By eating grass it makes him throw up. This in the long run makes him feel better.

Susan S.'s profile image Susan S.  ( 2017-02-23 13:24:56 -0500 ) edit

Hello Pieter! Dogs often eat grass when they have an upset stomach or need fiber to help push things through! Try paying attention to how often your dog has a bowel movement and if they seem to be having trouble try adding a fiber rich food to their diet.

Makinzie P.'s profile image Makinzie P.  ( 2017-02-23 13:25:34 -0500 ) edit

Dogs typically eat grass if they have an upset stomach because it leads to vomiting which will remove whatever is upsetting their tummy (or at least thats their mindset). The fact that your dog didn't used to do this may mean he's not feeling well but it may be nothing at all, just keep an eye on it

Andrea C.'s profile image Andrea C.  ( 2017-02-23 13:25:59 -0500 ) edit

Dogs eating grass is sort of like how we take anti-acid pills. It helps soothe a troubled stomach. :) That's why they sell pet grass in stores! Of course don't let them eat too much, and if you notice he's eating a lot watch out for throw-up later on.

Kelly M.'s profile image Kelly M.  ( 2017-02-23 13:28:52 -0500 ) edit

Upset stomach usually or need the extra fiber

Veronica L.'s profile image Veronica L.  ( 2017-02-23 13:31:11 -0500 ) edit

Have your vet check for allergies. My dog has allergies and eats grass sometimes because of his allergies. He's now on a good allergy medication but when seasonal allergies start in the spring, he tends to eat grass again. That's when we know to give him Benadryl in addition to his regular meds.

Monica C.'s profile image Monica C.  ( 2018-04-27 11:59:27 -0500 ) edit

But, can grass give them worms?

Latrellis S.'s profile image Latrellis S.  ( 2018-06-04 07:05:15 -0500 ) edit

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answered 2017-02-23 13:29:57 -0500

Grass-eating doesn't usually lead to throwing up. Although, sometimes it does and it can help with an upset tummy. It's their natural way of helping themselves! Other reasons for eating grass may include improving digestion, treating intestinal worms, or fulfilling some unmet nutritional need, including the need for fiber.

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answered 2017-02-23 13:23:05 -0500

Sometimes dogs do this out of a nutritional deficiency, but it's often just out of boredom, especially in younger dogs. It's really common and considered a normal dog behavior.

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answered 2017-02-23 13:30:40 -0500

Yes sometimes dogs eat grass for stomach issues, but I learned in my veterinary class that they also eat grass for nutrients.

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answered 2018-04-18 10:08:47 -0500

Most dogs will eat grass because it help with their digestion and do it both when they have a upset stomach and not so it helps them with bowel movements.

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answered 2017-02-23 13:25:37 -0500

It's pretty normal, you don't want them eating a bunch of grass, but they do it for the vitamins, good for the tummy. If you see them doing it often try and play outside more, they will be more focused in play than in eating!

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