Need a question answered about Rovers services?

asked 2016-12-12 15:46:30 -0600

Several months ago or so. I was thinking about becoming a member. My job was going good and now it is not. I realize we have to pay 20 per cent of what we make to you. How does that work. Do we pay you up front. After we get a job. Do you help us get a job. What do we get for that 20 per cent. Thank you for answering my questions and getting back with me in a timely matter.

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answered 2016-12-12 18:32:59 -0600

Hi, Terence! While I am not an employee of Rover, I am a sitter myself and can answer most of your questions. When you complete a booking, you will receive your 80% cut 48 hours after the end of the reservation. I would say Rover does help you get a job in the sense that they bring you clients, but you still need to make an effort to present yourself professionally to attract potential new clients by completing your profile. The 20% fee that Rover keeps goes towards marketing (meaning you don't have to pay for advertising/marketing yourself and you still get clients), their AWESOME customer support, and pet insurance which covers injury/illness emergencies that may occur with pets that you are caring for. In my opinion, this makes the fee completely justified. It will take a little bit for you to receive your first client, however with the holidays so close, you may begin to receive inquires quickly.

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answered 2016-12-13 14:07:56 -0600

I agree with what Hillary said. The fee also goes towards the payment processing, which is a key reason why I signed up with Rover 2 years ago. They handle all the payments, so I don't need a merchant account or a credit card processing setup, and if there are any CC issues, Rover can deal with them.

You never have to pay for anything (maybe the initial background check?). You can purchase the protection package for $50~ but that is not required.

The key to getting clients is to have a rocking profile. Explain why owners should choose you - why you love dogs, your experience, etc. Give details of the services you will provide - I do boarding so I tell them what the dog(s) and I will be doing together. If you are boarding or doing day care, include photos of your home where the dogs will be staying. Owners love to see where their baby will be living. State up front if you have any limitations or special circumstances, such as you own cats/dogs, have children, etc.

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