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2015-12-08 11:35:55 -0500 asked a question Does anyone have experience with 'doggy prozac'?

Anyone know anything about medications to help dogs with anxiety?

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2015-12-03 14:14:36 -0500 asked a question What's a good indoor activity for a high-energy dog?

It's cold outside but my husky doesn't care—he still wants to run all day. We'll give him plenty of walks and exercise, but does anyone have any tips for extra indoor activities that might help tire him out and keep his mind stimulated?

2015-12-03 14:08:18 -0500 asked a question What's your dog door recommendation?

I have a big dog and I want a dog door, but I worry sometimes about safety—both from burglars and sneaky animals (I don't wanna come home to a squirrel in my living room). Anybody have recommendations for the best dog doors out there?

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