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2017-02-23 21:37:20 -0500 commented question How long are dog considered puppies on rover for proces purposes?

Dogs technically are a year old under a year, BUT they should have a full year of puppy food. Dogs supposedly age twice as fast as we do in a year, google(ing) how old is my dog or human years to dog years can show you exactly what I mean.

2017-02-23 21:32:50 -0500 commented question Why does my dog hide his bone?

Most of the dogs I've taking care of do it so they can eat it or chewit up at a later time. I've seen it, this is only my own opinion. PS normally my bigger breed dogs do it .

2017-02-23 21:30:53 -0500 commented question Why do dogs go potty in the house after being outside for a long time?

PS maybe your dog has anxiety or maybe your dog gets super excited and then he/she "goes" inside because your dogs finally inside I know plenty of people with the same problem.

2017-02-23 21:28:10 -0500 commented question Why do dogs go potty in the house after being outside for a long time?

Try using keep off in your house or some kind of repellent spray . if your dogs old maybe your dog has a hard time holding it. If your dog is always outside maybe try spraying something to train him/her to "go" outside . you can buy anything like that in petco, something like "go here".

2017-02-23 21:23:09 -0500 commented question How long should I walk my dog?

I personally think you should walk you dog for about 45 mins or 3 times a day for about 15-20 mins.

2017-02-23 18:56:12 -0500 commented question What's the best dog shampoo for dry itchy skin?

Try changing his food to something that doesn't have grains or potatoes at all, try Limited ingredient dog food (L.I.D) and maybe something like lamb unless your dogs allergic to it you can use salmon or chicken. If it still happens use hypo allergic shampoo and wipes.

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2017-02-23 16:11:29 -0500 commented question Can dogs fall in love?

Yes my dog loves the girl dog across my street. 👍👍 he always kisses her.

2017-02-23 16:09:46 -0500 commented question Does anyone know where I can buy Blue Buffalo cheap?

PS. petco also matches their own online prices plus add the 50 % off the 5 lb bag or if you get a 22 lb bag there's a 20 or 25 % cupon inside the book..anything bigger always use the online price 👍👍

2017-02-23 16:07:44 -0500 commented question Does anyone know where I can buy Blue Buffalo cheap?

Depending on size you can go to petco and ask for a cupon book if you want a 5lb bag of blue buffalo for 50 % off there's a cupon inside the book every time you want the same discount just keep going on different days and hopefully ask another cashier or associate for one,

2017-02-23 16:02:51 -0500 commented question What are your favorite and least breed(s) or variety of dog and why?

I love golden retrievers most of the ones im around are very smart and calm.

2017-02-23 16:01:12 -0500 commented question Having a second job?

You can do that BUT you should leave the dog in your house unattended if they have anxiety, if they don't they might need medicine at a specific time and if they're normal kind of dogs they always bark if you're not home. So maybe schedule the dog sitting days when you have a day(s) off .

2017-02-23 14:53:11 -0500 commented question How can I help my dog lose weight?

PS hopefully your dog likes lamb also giving your dog new food can give him diarrhea...it should go away within a week.. Also make sure with your vet if your dog isn't allergic. Please

2017-02-23 14:51:04 -0500 commented question How can I help my dog lose weight?

Slowly change your dog food into lamb if the dog food company doesn't have any lamb options Canidae has lamb , slowly change your dogs food out to the new one. 20% new 80% of the food he has for 2 day then 40 % new 60 % old for 2 the next 2 day 60% 40% 2 days so one so forth...

2017-02-23 14:46:34 -0500 commented question Why does my dog eat cardboard?

You can add it to the frozen bone you have after you take it out of the freezer. If that doesn't stop your dog from chewing up carbord try some wooden chew toys you can find on petco site or some bitter apple you can spray the carbord. PS is your dog allergic to peanut butter? Use almond butter

2017-02-23 14:42:46 -0500 commented question Why does my dog eat cardboard?

How old is your dog? If your dogs a puppy or a least a 1yr old he's still in a chewing faze. Try getting one of his rubber bone wet put in a bag & place it in the freezer until you get a small bit of ice forming. If you can get some organic peanut butter with out sugar or it begin "processed"

2017-02-23 14:38:27 -0500 commented question Why does my dog choke after drinking water?

Try water bottles for dogs, and please make sure you use filtered water don't leave it out where the sun can hit the bottle or bowl because it will make it dirty ( alge will grow) also clean the bowl or bottle every day at least once, just rinse it out if you use any type of soap.