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Just a little tip: When I'm in an area with poor service, I stop the report card at the end of the visit but wait to hit the send button until I've driven to a better area.

2017-02-23 12:13:51 -0600 commented question Do you agree with Rover Cards?

I'm a full-time Rover Sitter as well and I love the Rover cards. I think its a lot more convenient than having to write out a text with photos. Plus, it's a great way to build trust with my clients. I do agree with you on service problems and battery drain, though. That has been troublesome for me.

2016-08-05 23:21:55 -0600 commented answer How do I handle a large dog that lays down during walks?

Hi Mary! I started switching up our routes. I had been taking him the same way each time, but since he lives in an urban area, there are a lot of different streets to take. Once I started taking a different route each day, the laying down stopped completely and he didn't even mind going home!

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2016-06-13 00:31:53 -0600 asked a question How do I handle a large dog that lays down during walks?

I am a dog-walker on Rover and I am having major difficulties with one of my client's dogs. He is a year old husky who was recently adopted from a shelter after being abandoned by his first family. He has very severe seperation anxiety and trauma which is causing a lot of behavioral problems. One of them is that he will often lay down in the middle of a walk (usually when we get close to home, but sometimes even before that) and refuse to get up. He is quite large and has bit me once before so I'm apprehensive about forcing him up. He is actually a very sweet-natured dog and he likes me, but he gets so distressed about going back home. I have back to back appointments, so I don't have all the time in the world to wait around for him to get up. Any advice on how I can discourage this behavior or help him to feel happier about going home? He is not very food motivated, so treats don't work very well as a lure, especially when he is stressed. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.