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I’ve been having my furbaby Sara for 7 years now. We lived with my parents in a house until recently. I recently got married and got an apartment with my husband and after putting a lot of thought into it I decided to bring her with me. My parents are also very close to her and our apartment is much smaller and instead of looking out into the street now her only view is the parking lot. I’ve her with me in the apartment for about two weeks now. I recently purchased a Furbo to see how she did on her own and I tried it out for the first time yesterday. It was not good. She was detected barking over 70 times and she even howled! I have never heard her do that. I was at work almost crying cause I thought she was doing fine! I leave her the TV on and I’ll leave the blinds half way up. I’m not really sure what else to do. Any suggestions on what I can do? I really want her with me. We’re both very attached to each other but if I have to leave her with my parents then I might have to do that. Someone is ALWAYS home there so she won’t be alone. We’ve thought about adopting another dog so she won’t be lonely but I’m not sure if it’ll make worse.