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2016-01-29 07:47:54 -0500 answered a question Is there a way to curb reaction aggression?

Does he do this when off leash or just on leash? Larger breeds can becom very territorial when it come to their family and possessions. sometimes this behavior is instilled by the other dog who is an aggressor and your dog goes into protection mode. when you are around other dogs, pay attention to how they approach you and your dog, look for different movements in the face, and eyes. This is how dogs communicate. they other dog may be giving off signals that they want to dominate your dog or that they are aggressive. To add to that you have a female dog that he considers his and he will protect her against another dog.

Maybe getting him into some special training for dogs that have aggression issues will help.

2015-09-30 14:13:32 -0500 commented answer How do I get a dog that I'm sitting, to trust me?

It's not a lack of trust. It's that th e y are in an unfamiliar territory and you are new to them. They want to know where their pack members are. Give attention, it maybe cudoling or a walk.

2015-09-30 14:08:37 -0500 commented question Do you have to book first or wait for a response first?

You should wait for a response from the sitter. They may not be available for your time of sitting, or they ?ay have a booking. Please "e respective of other people. I try to respond to an inquiry within an hour.

2015-09-30 14:02:36 -0500 commented question Why is my dog not pooping while on a leash?

I agree on a longer leash. Most animals have get right with the earth before they will poop. That's why we see them circling in an area before the poop. So give him some room to do his business. And yes,some dogs need privacy.

2015-09-29 17:58:33 -0500 commented question Why do dogs eat grass?

Dogs eat grass to help them regurgitate something that i upsetting their stomach or to ease a stomach ache. Even cats will eat grass for the same reason. to them it's like us eating a peppermint for a tummy ache.

2015-09-29 17:56:30 -0500 commented question Does anyone really brush their dog's teeth?

Yes, some people do. A friend of mine use to brush his dogs teeth once a month atleast. I myself have brushed a dogs teeth that had never had any care and were yellow. It took about 6 brushings to clear them up and she was then able to eat hard foods.