How can i house train my pup?

asked 2021-01-17 02:31:25 -0500

Hi! A few weeks ago i adopted an 8 week old Belgian Shepard, everything has been perfect except for the potty training. My house was built in a way where the main living area, including lounge room and kitchen, are on the second floor. Weird i know. However this means my new pup is required to go down the stairs in order to access the back garden, where i want to her to go potty. Though she has no problems coming up the stairs, she can not go down them yet. I have tried Puppy Pads, but she has developed a strange intolerance to them, i have tried everything , but she refuses. Any tips? Either for the Puppy Pad situation, or helping her navigate the stairs. Thanks, Moon.

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answered 2021-01-19 17:50:32 -0500

Hi Moon! I think I would use a gradual process to get your puppy used to the stairs challenge. First, I would definitely make going up & down the stairs a rewarding achievement for the puppy- treats and praise for sure. Specifically for going down stairs, try one step at a time. I would get on the second step from the top & urge the pup to come to you with a reward in hand for each incremental step she may take. If you have someone who can hold the pup as she attempts this feat, similar to when you train a child to swim. If you don't have another person, than using this method really is the only way to get her used to going down the steps. She may wiggle a bit so it will be challenging, but if you have the patience, it should work with time and repetition. Remember to make the stairs and the potty time a rewarding and fun adventure, not a frustrating and angry task as much as you possible can. Good luck!

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