French bulldog suddenly refusing to follow sit and wait command for feeding?

asked 2020-05-20 14:57:56 -0500

We have had our 9 month old French bulldog since she was 12 weeks old. Within a month of having her she was trained to follow a series of commands for feeding time (sit,wait,ok) she learned it very easily and i have consistently enforced said routine on her two daily feedings ever since without incident. Yesterday morning I did our normal routine dry food then I heat a small portion of boiled chicken (made especially for her) and mix it in. She is aware and in the kitchen during this process I then as always say “ok come on” she follows me to the spot in the house where she eats normally but just before getting there she plops down on the ground laying on her belly and refusing to come the rest of the way and follow commands to eat. I tried bringing the bowl to her to let her smell it so she knew hey look it’s your food you love it let’s eat but she wouldn’t budge for anything. She did it again this morning. I don’t get it. She’s definitely hungry bc I put the food on the counter and thought I’d try again in a couple minutes and she was sniffing searching and exhibiting her normal hungry behavior. Side note she is in heat (we were supposed to get her spayed but our vet was not doing any non emergent surgeries during covid19) Any thoughts on what is happening here? Thanks

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