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asked 2016-08-15 09:16:24 -0600

Previously, I thought rover only took fees out of the total cost that the owner pays (I get a percentage) But I had a client I was booking with say Rover adds on fees to them as well (When we priced out a 10 day job it would have come to $240. On my side I take home $211 but on her side she ends up paying $259)? Can anyone help me with understanding Rover's fees?

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answered 2016-08-15 09:31:34 -0600

Beginning in September 2015, bookings by new account holders are charged a service fee amounting to 5-7% of the booking total.

Services booked through a Rover account created prior to the date the fee was implemented will not be subject to the owner service fee. The fee cannot exceed $25/booking. It’s fully refundable should the booking be canceled by either the sitter or the owner prior to the first day of the service, in accordance with your sitter’s cancellation policy. If the booking dates change, the fee will be updated to reflect 5-7% of the new total.


BTW, the math on your example doesn't seem to work out, Are you certain that the stay should have priced out at $240 because your net ($211) is 88% and older Rover sitters have been grandfathered into 85% with newer ones (March 2016) at 80% or more? Also, the implied booking fee of $19 is 8% of the total. You probably need to look more closely at the actual invoice and call/write Rover Support for details.

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