Sarah W.

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Lucky Pawz Pet Care is a professional, licensed, experienced, certified, bonded, and insured pet sitting/dog walking service. (Please view our website ........ for extensive details)

Why choose us?
We include 2 pets without extra fees (3 or more is extra)
Free Medication administration
Free Initial Consultation
Competitive pricing with top-notch, professional experience
No fee for light household chores such as bringing in mail, taking out trash/recycling to curbside, security checks, alternating lights or blinds, plant care, etc.
We are family owned
Our walks are private for your pets unless multiple pets in household..
Daily journaling on your pet's progress as well as email and text updates if you choose.
Play dates and shared walking for multiple pets of different families if you so choose-both must be Lucky Pawz clients
Free pet training and waste removal included in each visit
Free 30 minute service when you refer a friend.

We service most of the following areas of the Puget Sound and other areas upon request (midday walks/visits in select areas):
•West Seattle
•Normandy Park
•Beacon Hill
•Mercer Island
•Columbia City
• Magnolia
•Green Lake
•South Lake Union
•Phinney Ridge

30 minute visit/walk-$20
1 hour visit/walk-$30
Extra pet fee (3 or more pets) $4 per/service

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Age: not provided
Weight: 60 lbs.
Breed: Labrador Retriever


Age: not provided
Weight: 60 lbs.
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback


Age: 3 years, 9 mo. old
Weight: 9 lbs.
Breed: Dachshund

Karma is a mini-Dachshund Mix, but she has the personality of a 200 pound doggie!


Our dogs were clearly well cared for. We arrived back home after 11 days to find happy dogs and a well-kept home.
Dawn was awesome! We were a little nervous about leaving our three labs with a sitter, but she was great and our dogs were well-loved and cared for while we were gone. She emailed us with updates and a photo while we were away so that we never felt out of touch. I've recommended Dawn, Sarah and to every dog lover that I know!
April 13
I was grateful to have found Sarah, who was able to find me a wonderful sitter to stay with my two greyhounds. It was obvious in my first correspondence with Sarah, that she loves animals. I will definitely work with her again.
I enthusiastically recommend Lucky Pawz Pet Care! It is so difficult for us to leave our two dogs and cat when we go on a trip. But it was such a relief to know that a kind and competent person was caring for them. I will be turning to Lucky Pawz Pet Care for future trips. Sarah's communication skills are top notch. Sarah called me within about an hour of me submitting an inquiry. She was really nice, answered my questions and allayed my concerns. Sarah set us up with a sitter, Hope, who could spend the night which was just what we needed. Sarah was very kind to let me know about an online coupon, helped me through the booking process and followed up with me. Hope was our sitter and she is also an excellent communicator and very personable. She connected quickly with both of my dogs and I could tell that she loves dogs by the way she interacted with Scout and Beso and spoke of her own dogs. Scout is a little apprehensive of new people, so it was important to us to find someone that she would feel comfortable with. Hope answered my questions and talked with me about my dogs routines, behaviors and personalities. Hope came over for two walks before our trip so that Scout and Beso could get acclimated to her entering our apartment. Hope took great care of our dogs and my cat while we were away for an entire week which included Christmas! She followed all of my requests and she texted me to let me know that my babies were just fine. I couldn't be happier with the care my animals received! (Collapse)
August 29
Sarah went above and beyond taking care of my dog and cat. Her frequent messages and pics of the kids were reassuring and joyful. Our animals had a great time. She spent extra time with our dog taking her on outings. She exceeded all expectations. We will ask her everytime we go on vacation.


Nikki A. July 25
Sarah is absolutely, hands down, THE best pet sitter we have had for our Riley (cat)!! I could tell right away when I met her that she just loves pets, and that she would take care of our little Riley just as good as we do. I am sure everyone hates leaving their animals for longer than a few days, so for us to be out of the country and leaving him for two weeks was probably more stressful for us than our cat. I knew that Sarah would actually stay with him, give him love AND exercise verses just coming in, changing the litter and water and leaving him soon after. Not only did she do that, but we came back to a Riley treat bag, and a very sweet progress report of each day and how Riley was doing. (along with some pictures sent to my phone – loved it!) It definitely put a huge smile on my face to know that she went the extra mile in caring for our furry child. I would recommend Sarah to anyone!!! : ) (Collapse)
Schrader L. August 12
Sarah is a sweetheart. When we could not get a sitter for our three golden retrievers in may we contacted our local pet store and they highly recommended Sarah. She came out to our house and hired her. Sarah is a very sweet, warm hearted, dog loving responsible person. She took very good care of our house, plants, and dogs. We would use her in a heartbeat. We have used a lot of dog sitter and Sarah by far was the best. (Collapse)
Nick V. November 14
It has been a blessing to have Sarah from Lucky Paws Pet Care West Seattle as our pets care giver when we are out of town. She gives us the piece of mind that our two dogs and senior cat have someone who understands what their routines are, cares for them as if her own. Our pets have unique needs such as our cat who is diabetic and requires insulin injections twice a day which Sarah has been adiministering in our absence. We no longer have to stress about how our "kids" are doing when we go out of town, whether for a weekend or two weeks. Thank you, Sarah. We will gladly reffer you to our friends as we know they will be in the most capable hands. PS-Thank you for the daily updates and pics. We love this! (Collapse)
Ty C. November 14
Quite simply - Sarah is awesome!! She is super personable, amazing at staying in communication, and has a true passion for her business. I've already referred my dad's three dogs for an upcoming two week trip he is taking and will undoubtedly refer all my friends and family when they need pet help. Keep up the great work Sarah - you rock!
Shellie S. November 16
Sarah is our nanny and we love her! We don't have pets, but her care for our young children is exceptional. She is caring, positive, and extremely reliable. I know she loves animals and we have met one of her dogs. Caring for children and animals can be quite similar and I would recommend Sarah for your pet without any hesitation!
Tammy C. November 18
I recently moved to Seattle and am so fortunate to have found Sarah. I have a 13 year-old golden retriever and travel frequently for work – Sarah’s been able to step right in and give peace of mind when I’m on the road. I love the extra touches… writing a diary of how they spent an evening, sending pictures, special attention to his aging needs and simply showing how much she cares for our furry family members. I highly recommend Sarah and Lucky Paws Pet Care. (Collapse)
Kyle M. December 10
Sarah is fantastic! She came over to our house to meet our dogs (2), and we liked her from the very start. She's very nice, understanding, and willing to do whatever we needed. We felt very comfortable with her. We were away for a week, and every day she emailed us updates and photos of the dogs. It definitely put our minds at ease. When we came home from our vacation, the dogs were looking good and were very happy. We love her, and will definitely be using her often! (Collapse)
Rich T. December 10
If you're looking for more than just a "pet-sitter", "dog walker" business in West Seattle and surrounding Seattle areas, look no further!! Add yourself and your furry family member to the list of Lucky Pawz Petcare & Sarah Drobnick customers who have had their expectations vastly exceeded. Just like the best contractor in town or the hairdresser with a waiting-list out to spring, Lucky Pawz WILL be the go to pet-care company you will not want to miss out on! (Collapse)
Alyona D. December 10
Sarah is very passionate about what she does! I think she breaths pet sitting and I cannot think of anyone better who would be able to make your pet feel like they are loved and really cared for, while giving you the peace of mind, that they are taken care of!
Vickie K. December 10
Sarah is great with my babies, Roxy and Louie. Louie has always been very cautious of new visitors. They sooo look forward to her arrival. I know they are well cared for when she visits.
Lori L. December 10
Sarah is a very reliable and enthusiastic dog lover who has been a great help to me and my new puppy. She comes every day and takes care of the dog and visits the cats as well. She runs with my energetic pup and often sends photo updates to let me know how things are going. I highly recommend her service.
Ed C. December 10
Sarah is awesome. We moved to Seattle about 3 years ago and it was hard to find a dog sitter or boarding place for our two dogs. I think we went through 4 different places before we found Sarah. She is amazing. She is a true animal lover and has a natural, sincere bound with our dogs. We know that she cares about them beyond the business relationship. It makes us feel good to know that now whenever we leave our dogs are in great hands. Nothing to worry about ever. Sarah keeps us informed of our dogs activities throughout the visit with a mixture of email, text and pics, whatever we prefer. We've recommended Sarah and Lucky Paws to a few of our friends and they have very similar experiences. (Collapse)
Kacie L. December 20
Sarah is awesome! She loves taking care of animals, and treats other families' pets like her own. She has has a huge heart, and tons of experience with all kinds of "kids". She's the best.
Becky S. December 21
Sarah was great with all of our animals! It was obvious they received a lot of TLC and she sent daily updates complete with photos, that kept our minds at ease while we were away. We call Sarah always when we need a babysitter for the nonhuman children!
Tricia B. January 6
We have been using Sarah for about 7 months, ever since we brought our puppy home last summer. She has been wonderful! She is so good with our puppy, who just adores Sarah. Sarah has been so flexible with us, especially with a puppy who has had her fair share of injuries and illnesses. Sarah has been willing and able to help with medications and injury limitations without hesitation. I highly recommend Sarah and Lucky Pawz! (Collapse)
Lucky Pawz and Sarah...How Do I Love Thee(s)? Let me count the ways... We relocated to Seattle in December 2012 and needed to secure a dog walker. Despite the hectic holiday time, Sarah responded quickly and made arrangements to meet our Navy Bean. They had an instant connection and we immediately felt safe with her coming to our home and walking wee Bean at lunch. She texts me pictures of their daily "walkie" adventures which is very comforting and a nice pick me up during the middle of our daily grind. We recently went away for the weekend and couldn't have been happier with how we found our dog and our house. When Sarah herself can't tend to Bean, she let's us know in advance, and her awesome crew steps in. We can rest assured our little rascal is always tended to. Sarah loves our fuzz bucket just as much as we do, and we couldn't have been more Lucky to find her and Lucky Pawz! (Collapse)
Eryka S. April 17
Sarah is amazing. We have a fairly needy puppy named Porter and as he's grown he has more and more energy that just HAS to get out. Sarah has been a great fit for our schedule and for our little guy. She comes over midday while we're at work, plays hard with him in the yard (per our request), and then makes sure he is well fed and loved before he settles down for a nap. She even sends us photos and video updates of Porter playing each week and I can tell he loves her to pieces. Sarah really invests quality time into Porter. It's evident she loves what she does and has great flexible service to prove it. (Collapse)
Sarah is top notch. She is great with our 2 dogs, who instantly warmed to her. She is also super quick on the communication front. 2 paws up!
Tory P. April 19
I've been working with Lucky Paws for several months (since December 2012) and found them to be very professional in terms of communication, punctuality, and customer service. Quality service for pets and families are a priority here. I personally know the owner (Sarah) and can say she is crazy about animals! :)
Jacinta H. April 19
Sarah is one of the sweetest women I know. The heart and support she has shown me in the short time I've known her have proven to be pure and amazing beyond words. She has a genuine kindness to her that I seldom see among people today which is both refreshing and appreciated. I've had the chance to see her stick to and stand up for her morals and it speaks volumes of her character. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Sarah as she has proven time and again to be a woman of great integrity, steadfast loyalty and indelible generosity. (Collapse)
Danielle B. April 20
Sarah is such a loving and caring person when it comes to animals. She cared for our cat, Olive, while we were on vacation and did such a wonderful job. We just had simple a simple request to make sure that Olive was fed and had fresh water. Sarah went out of her way to try to give Olive the attention she deserved. She always treated Olive like she was her own. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for someone to care for their pet. If she didn't live so far from me now, she would be the first person I would ask! (Collapse)
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