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1. Deblina

Dog care, love, compassion @Almere

Almere, 1319

"Loua came back happy and tired from his weekend at Deblina! Over the weekend, she shared several photos and movies showing him having a great time with her a... (more)"

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2. Charlie

Dog lover at your service!

Amsterdam, 1055

"Charlie has lived with dogs all his life and they love him as much as he loves them. He's a complete natural at taking great care of dogs. (more)"

3. Maria

Student who loves the company of pets.

amsterdam, 1109

About: I was raised with many pets in my life, and in my family pets are like family-members. I recently moved to Holland from Curaçao, and had to leave m... (more)

4. Catherine

Genuine pet lover - miss my own pets back home

Amsterdam, 1091

About: Hi pet owners, I decided to use my spare time on doing things that matters the most to me which is related to the animal cause. Seeing 8000 pets b... (more)

5. Bruna

The pet whisperer

Amserdam, 1013

"Bruna is an exceptional and competent dog sitter. She's made our pooch incredibly comfortable and we'd be happy to have her look over him again. (more)"

6. Anjana

Love your dogs like my own

Amsterdam, 1017

"Anjana is a great dog sitter, Teddy (my dog) had very great time with her and her husband, she sent me a lot of pictures, kept me updated during the stay and... (more)"

7. Pallak

Tender Loving Care :)

amsterdam, 1065

About: Hi, my name is Pallak and I am an animal lover. I am deeply passionate about animal welfare and I try to take up every opportunity to contribute to... (more)

8. Julia

Leuke jonge dierenliefhebber 🐶❤️

Alkmaar, 1826

"Julia heeft regelmatig op onze Friese Stabij gepast als wij op vakantie waren. Dat deed ze met liefde en toewijding. Julia is een gezellige oppas die gek is ... (more)"

9. Klara

Never tired of cuddling with a dog

Amsterdam, 1051

"We dropped brew with Klara for 5 days. We were new to the city and she made us feel perfectly safe dropping our puppy with her. I would surely rebook with Kl... (more)"

10. Wout

Hondenvriend Wout staat voor je klaar!

Amsterdam, 1012

"Wout took care of my 2 labradoodles last summer and we were incredibly happy. The way he treated our dogs is an example for every dog owner. He also kept us ... (more)"

11. Dakotta

I ❤️🐕🐶

Amsterdam, 1012

"I know Dakotta as a caring and trustworthy person with a big heart for animals. I fully trust him to take care of my two baby chi chu's when I'm away in the ... (more)"

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12. Yoeri

New friends for your dog

Amsterdam, 1076

About: Uw hond zal met veel liefde en warmte door ons worden ontvangen. We zijn een stel van 30+ wonend in Amsterdam zuid nabij het Olympisch stadion en h... (more)

13. Raphaelle

Animal lover

Amsterdam, Pays-Bas, 1058

"Raphaelle was boarding Ichigo at her house for the whole weekend we were away. She was absolutely amazing on looking after him and making sure we were update... (more)"

14. Anete

Active walks in Vondelpark and Rembrantpark!

Amsterdam, 1059

"She’s a super friendly, welcoming and responsible friend. Really love all animals, especially dogs. This job is and would be perfect for her! :) ! (more)"

15. Adele

Loving hang-outs with your dog!

Amsterdam, 1055

"Adele was great! She was very fast to reply everytime, communication with her has always been easy and she sent us many updates and pictures over the weekend... (more)"

16. Melih

Woof woof

Amsterdam, 1016

"Melih is a pawesome dog sitter! He loves dogs and takes care of them like they were his own. He knows how to care for both puppies and adult dogs and will g... (more)"

17. Melissa

Hondenliefhebber uit Hoorn met veel vrije uren

Hoorn, 1624

About: Ik ben een jonge vrouw die graag de hond van haar vader meeneemt naar alle mooie plekken in de buurt. Aangezien ik deze zomer veel vrije tijd heb d... (more)

18. Natascha

Liefde en energie in overvloed🐶🐕🐩

Amsterdam, 1092

About: Ik ben opgegroeid op een boederij in Friesland en liep altijd met mijn oma en haar herdershonden en beagles door de bossen en parken.Ik ben heel zo... (more)

19. Urja

Liefdevol caretaker met bewust 'zijn'&speelse aand

Amsterdam, 1106

"Very caring and catering to the needs of my dog. Flexible in handling Lila’s energy level and able to adapt to her while still providing guidance. Lila staye... (more)"

20. Julia

Loving dog sitter in Amsterdam West

Amsterdam, 1053

"Julia heeft ontzettend goed voor onze Djeyna gezorgd. Juist ook omdat onze Djeyna een beetje een probleemhondje is met haar eigen dingetjes. Wij zijn daarom ... (more)"