Rover Partners

Our mission - to make it easier to have a dog in your life - drives everything we do, from the services we offer to the organizations we partner with. Through our Sit a Dog, Save a Life Program, we're working to make it that much easier for every dog to find their way home.


Offers a comprehensive range of products and services, including microchipping, insurance and the industry's largest and most accurate database of pet and owner information.
3rd Coast Labrador Rescue

Provides foster homes, veterinary care, nourishment, socialization and training for unwanted Labradors and Labrador mix breeds in Southeast Michigan.
4Paws4Life Rescue

Dedicated to rescuing dogs from overpopulated, high-kill shelters and contributing to achieving a no-kill nation. They work with volunteers, local veterinarians, trainers, boarding facilities, shelters and other rescue partners.
6dogrees Rescue

A small, grassroots rescue focusing on saving local and California "red-listed" dogs, which have less than 12 hours to be rescued. For every dog they adopt out, they use the adoption fees to rescue one more.
A Home 4 Spot Animal Rescue

A group of dog lovers whose mission is to rescue, provide sanctuary, and re-homes abandoned, stray and neglected dogs. All dogs are housed in foster homes where they are given love, attention, and any medical attention that may be required.
A Shelter Friend, Inc.

Works with the Bladen County Animal shelter in southeastern North Carolina, rescue groups and like-minded individuals, to network, facilitate adoptions and provide support for rescue efforts.
A.R.T N Paws Rescue

Saves adoptable animals from euthanasia throughout South California. They foster in a home environment, evaluate for temperament, and train pets to make them better companions for their future owners.
Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue

Rescues and rehomes Cocker Spaniels and other dogs in need of homes. They will not reject any dog due to age or health reasons and accept dogs with temperament and/or medical issues. Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue has saved more than 3,300 dogs.
ADORE Houston

Provides rescue services, vet care, foster care and adoptive placement to stray and abandoned dogs. Dogs come from many sources including local animal shelters, owner surrenders, and the streets of Houston, where it is projected there are 1M homeless dogs
All Aboard Animal Rescue

A Colorado-based organization dedicated to saving dogs and puppies from high kill shelters.
All Paws Rescue, Inc.

Rescues homeless, abused and neglected dogs and cats, provides any necessary medical care and behavioral help they need and then place them into loving, permanent homes.
American Pit Bull Foundation

A collective group of responsible owners and pit bull enthusiasts looking to help combat overpopulation and unnecessary euthanasia through education, programming, and assistance.
Amerman Family Foundation Dog Therapy Program

Therapy dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes visit the nearly 107,000 patients treated annually at Children’s Hospital LA as part of the Amerman Family Foundation Dog Therapy Program. They are funded entirely by donations to support 100 therapy dog teams.
Amigos de los Animales

Rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes domestic stray animals dumped on the streets and beaches of Puerto Rico.
Anchors Up Rescue Group

A Las Vegas foster based dog rescue, with hard-earned partnerships in California, New Mexico and Utah. Specializing in small breeds, Terriers and Chihuahuas and relying solely on donations and foster homes, Anchors Up has saved numerous lives.
Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

Rescues dogs and cats from high-kill shelters in Georgia, operating through a network of foster homes in the vast Atlanta Metro area since 2009.
Animal Haven

Finds homes for abandoned cats and dogs throughout the Tri-State area, and provides behavior intervention when needed to improve chances of adoption.
Animal House Shelter

Rescues, rehabilitates and adopts out all breeds of dogs and cats.
Animal Humane New Mexico

Since January 2010, we have successfully re-homed 100% of the healthy pets in our care! We support every cat and dog at Animal Humane with outstanding veterinary, social and emotional care and, most importantly, LOVE until they are adopted.
Animal Lifeline of Iowa

A no-kill shelter, which aims to provide a home-like environment until their rescues find forever homes. Priority is given to abused or handicapped animals.
Animal Network

A shelter that has placed over 1500 animals in loving homes since 2011. They have a very successful owner assist program that helps families in need wanting to keep their pets.
Animal Rescue & Foster Program

Provides temporary foster homes and medical care for homeless puppies and kittens and places them in permanent homes with responsible pet owners. ARFP requires that all of the pets adopted are spayed/neutered to decrease stray over-population.
Animal Rescue Foundation of Louisiana

Provides care, shelter and medical attention for stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs, and then places them in loving homes through their adoption process.
Animal Rescue of Fresno

Established in 1998 by a group of community members in Fresno, CA that wanted to do something about the high number of homeless dogs that were dying because no one gave them a chance to find their forever home.
Animal Rescue of the Rockies

Animal Rescue of the Rockies, a 501(3)(3) nonprofit foster-home based rescue organization. We have been rescuing dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters since 2003 and operate primarily in the Denver, Colorado area northward to Fort Collins, Colorado.
Animal Rescue Site

Provides simple, effective, feel-good ways to address an urgent, specific need: providing food and vital care for some of the eight million unwanted animals given to shelters every year in the U.S. and around the world.
Animal Welfare League

Helps every pet find a good home. Their motto is "recovery is the answer, not euthanasia" for animals that come to them injured, neglected, or abused.
Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA

Rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes more than 5,000 dogs and cats that are abandoned or that have been surrendered by their owners. They offer home school, after school, summer camps, junior veterinary classes and more for toddler through adults.
Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue

Rescues, rehabilitates and ultimately re-homes abandoned, stray and neglected Australian Cattle Dogs throughout the state of Arizona.
Athens Area Humane Society

A no-kill nonprofit dedicated to lowering area euthanasia rates through adoption, spay/neuter and pet retention programs. They rescue over 1,000 animals per year without government funding.
Aussie and Me Animal Rescue

Rescues homeless and abandoned animals, primarily dogs from high-kill shelters and owners who can no longer care for them. Although they do specialize in the herding breeds (Australian Shepherd and Border Collie) they are NOT a breed specific rescue.
Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline

Rescues Australian Shepherds and places them into loving, caring, and permanent homes. They also educate the public about all aspects of owning an Australian Shepherd.
Austin Humane Society

A community resource that promotes compassion toward animals. Formed in 1952, the Austin Humane Society is Austin's largest, longest standing no-kill, non-profit animal shelter.
Austin Pets Alive!

Promotes and provides the resources, education and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals. They are run almost exclusively by dedicated volunteers.
Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association

A 100% volunteer-run organization. Donations help them rescue ACDs from shelters where they are facing euthanasia, transport them to foster homes, care for their medical needs, and find them loving homes.
Baltimore Humane Society

A no-kill animal shelter, which offers low-cost veterinary care to the public, and a pet cemetery with grief support services. They receive no operational funding from the local or federal governments, or any national animal welfare organizations.
Basset Rescue of Puget Sound

Provides education, prevention, intervention, and adoption services to ensure that all basset hounds enjoy long, healthy lives in loving, safe, appropriate homes where they are provided the life-long care they require.
Bend Spay and Neuter Project

Works with Bend Pet Express to run HOPE, a community pet food bank for low income individuals and families. Anyone who qualifies will be able to get a month’s supply of food for up to three pets at no charge.
Bingo Pet Hospice

Bingo Pet Hospice is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Guilford County, NC founded to support owners of aging pets with educational, emotional and financial assistance for quality of life and end-of-life care to prevent the abandonment or unnecessary
Blind Dog Rescue Alliance

Rescues dogs that are either blind or visually impaired, who otherwise have a limited amount of time in a shelter. Since Aug 2009, BDRA has rescued over 400 visually impaired dogs.
Blue Dog Rescue

An all-volunteer organization that works to find permanent, loving homes for homeless dogs in the Central Texas area. They perform behavioral screenings on endangered dogs at Central Texas animal shelters and foster them.
Blue Moon Akita Rescue

Rescues Akitas, training as needed until the dogs are ready physically and emotionally, and finds them the right homes that will really be forever.
Bluegrass Senior Dog Rescue

Rescues homeless and abandoned senior dogs from shelters and owner surrender. They work with volunteers, local veterinarians, and boarding facilities to provide dogs with high quality vet care, good food, a loving, comforting home to live out their lives.
Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee

Dedicated to finding homes for abandoned Boston Terriers.
Boston Terrier Rescue of Oklahoma

Rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes Boston Terriers in the state of Oklahoma. All BTROO dogs are fully vetted at the time of adoption and are only adopted to screened, approved families.
Boston Terrier Rescue Team of the Carolinas

Rescue Boston Terriers from situations of abuse or neglect or from other situations that leave dogs without an owner, such as owners who surrender their pets, or from animal shelter and other animal welfare organizations.
Boxers and Buddies

Boxers and Buddies Rescue is a nonprofit organization founded in 2005. Our entire organization is run by a dedicated team of volunteers. Our group works for the love of the breed and to see dogs find homes.

Delivers rescue puppies and smiles to local offices for employee stress relief and puppy socialization. Bravepup rescues puppies from high-kill shelters in southern states and improves their health & well-being through positive human-animal interaction.
Brew City Bully Club

Formed in 2008, BCBC is a leader in southeast WI in advocacy and support of pit bull type dogs and their owners.

A dog travel directory that provides unbiased reviews, detailed pet policy information, and online reservations at more than 25,000 pet friendly hotels through a partnership with Travelocity.
Broken Tail Rescue

Run by a group of dedicated volunteers in Massachusetts. They save dogs and cats from euthanasia and find them loving, happy homes.
Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Stands for uncompromised compassion towards all animals. Their four point No Kill plan includes tripling adoption efforts, a community cats program, NeighborCorps program to keep animals healthy, happy and in the homes, and an animal sanctuary.
Bulldog Haven NW

Provides a safe place for English and French Bulldogs, mental and physical rehabilitation, rehoming, breed specific shelter assistance and more.

Provides rescue and adoption services to animals in need. As a no-kill shelter, they accept animals rescued by citizens and volunteers while supporting all shelters, animal control units and other rescue organizations.
Can Do Canines

Can Do Canines is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities by creating mutually beneficial relationships with specially trained dogs. They create a world in which everyone who needs and wants an assistance dog can have one.
Canine Companions for Independence

Provides highly-trained assistance dogs to children, adults and veterans with disabilities at no charge. Established in 1975, Canine Companions has six training centers across the country. The sixth and newest region is located in Irving, TX.
Capital Area Rescue Effort (CARE)

Rescues dogs at risk of euthanasia from animal shelters and places them in loving forever homes. They are based in Richmond, VA.
Center for Lost Pets

A central location where people who have lost and found pets can connect. Helps get lost pets back home safe, sound and soon.
Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA

A non-profit animal welfare organization and No Kill community in Virginia that provides a safe environment for the lost, abandoned and homeless animals and places them in loving homes. They strive to set a standard of excellence and leadership in care.
Chesapeake Cats and Dogs

Formed in 2006 and consists of a dedicated group of volunteers working to provide a life of love and dignity for all animals.
Chicago Animal Advocates

Rescues animals from high kill shelters in Illinois and Kentucky. All of their animals stay in the comfort of a loving foster home until they are adopted out.
City of Elderly Love

Saves and enriches the lives of adoptable senior pets in the Philadelphia area. They rescue animals for potential euthanasia, prevent older animals from entering the shelter system, and provide palliative and hospice care when needed.
Cleveland Animal Protective League

Fosters compassion and to end animal suffering. Incorporated in 1913, they provide shelter to homeless animals relinquished by their guardians, animals that are rescued from abuse or neglect, and stray or abandoned cats.
Coalition to Unchain Dogs

An all-volunteer organization dedicated to making the chaining of dogs a thing of the past. They build free fences for people who chain their dogs, teach the community, and lobby to restrict tethering of dogs.
Coastal Pet Rescue

Founded in Feb 2003, and based in Savannah, Georgia, CPR is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless, abused and neglected dogs and cats in the Savannah and surrounding areas.
Cocker Spaniel Resources, Inc

Provides quality services for rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and/or retirement for Cocker Spaniels of all ages, regardless of health conditions, through placement in permanent homes, sanctuaries, and foster care programs.
Coco's Heart Dog Rescue

A foster-based organization that rescues dogs from unfortunate situations with the goal of preparing them for adoption.
Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network

An army of 250 unpaid volunteers who rescue pure bred Cairn Terriers (Toto dogs). Their foster homes are across the US and Canada. Since their inception in 2001, they've rescued over 4,000 dogs.
Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue

A no-kill organization dedicated to the rescue, training and rehoming of Shiba Inus and Shiba Inu mixes in Colorado.
Copper's Dream

A San Francisco Bay Area all-breed rescue saving dogs from shelters throughout California. It was founded with the goal to help end the euthanasia of adoptable dogs in the US through increasing public awareness and shelters.
Critters 4 U Rescue, INC

A foster based animal rescue that strives to save the special and high needs animals most others overlook or won't save.
Dachshund Rescue South Florida

A 100% volunteer run and 100% donation funded organization—no overhead, no fancy offices, no high paid execs, and no glossy commercials—just a bunch of people who love doxies and want to find them homes.
Dallas DogRRR

A group of volunteers who support the abandoned dogs of Dallas by collecting supplies, paying vet bills, locating foster families, facilitating adoptions, and advocating for a more hopeful future.
Dalmatian Rescue of Puget Sound

A network of people who are passionate about Dalmatians. Their mission is to get them out of shelters where they run the risk of being euthanized. They work with shelters and rescue groups, not just in the Pacific Northwest, but around the country.
Demi's Animal Rescue

Demi’s Animal Rescue is a small, foster-based animal rescue. Run on the love of an all-volunteer staff, our goal is to make our rescue feel like family for everyone who comes through.
Detroit Bully Corps

Dedicated to helping and advocating for abused, neglected and homeless dogs through education, adoption, rehabilitation and training. They advocate for Bully Breeds, especially the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Molosser category of canine.
DFW Labrador Retriever Rescue

Dedicated to alleviating the needless death and suffering of home-less or misplaced (lost and stray) purebred Labrador Retrievers in the Dallas Fort Worth area.
Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin

Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin, Inc. (DRAW) is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to the rescue, care and adoption of Doberman Pinschers in need. =
Doberman Rescue of North Texas

A 100% volunteer-run organization, in operation since 1994, rescuing, rehabilitating and finding furever homes for Dobermans. They operate in the DFW area and within a 5-hour radius.

A full-service business and marketing support organization for the dog pro industry. They help dog professionals set up, operate, and prosper in their chosen field, be that dog training, dog walking, pet sitting, dog daycare, or dog boarding.

Dogs Deserve Better

Has gotten over 3000 dogs off chains nationwide since Dogs Deserve Better started in August 2002 through rescue alone; tens of thousands due to laws our volunteers have worked tirelessly to pass.
Dogs for the Deaf

Rescues and professionally trains dogs to help people and enhance lives, maintaining a lifelong commitment to all dogs they rescue and all people they serve.
Dogs Out Loud

Provides training, behavior rehabilitation, and high quality care to medium to large breed dogs dying at shelters due to resource intensive behavior problems.
DREAM Dachshund Rescue

Rescues abandoned Dachshunds and finds new homes for Dachshunds whose owners can no longer care for them. They share information on pet ownership, the importance of spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm, positive behavior training, exercise, and nutrition.
Dumb Friends League

A national leader in providing humane care to lost and abandoned animals, rescuing sick, injured and abused animals, adopting pets to new homes, and educating pet owners and the public about the needs of companion animals.
East Coast Asian Dog Rescue, Inc.

Established to rescue Pekingese, Pugs, Japanese Chins, Shih Tzus, and other toy/small Asian breeds from kill shelters, abusive situations, and voluntary surrenders.
East Coast Gentle Giants

A local group of caring and dedicated individuals who get abused and neglected dogs out of bad situations, back to health and placed with a good family to grow old with.
Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue

Save homeless and abandoned cocker spaniels from shelters and desperate owners who cannot care for their pet. They work with volunteers, fosters, and local veterinarians.
Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue

Helps neglected, abandoned, and abused Great Danes find their forever homes while educating the public about the breed and responsible pet ownership.
Forever Husky

A non for profit 501c3 organization that believes that their mission is to help those that have no support husky and human alike.
Forsyth Humane Society

Places cats and dogs into loving homes; advances community understanding of the benefits of animal companionship; provides needed resources to the pet community; supports a no-kill adoption center and the spaying/neutering of dogs and cats.
Forte Animal Rescue

Dedicated to finding solutions for the problem of pet overpopulation through its animal adoption, outreach, educational, and junior volunteer programs.
Found Animals Foundation

A privately funded operating foundation in Los Angeles that focuses on a few powerful levers for changing the outcome for some of the three to four million animals euthanized each year in the US.
Freedom Service Dogs of America

Enhances the lives of people with disabilities by rescuing dogs and custom training them for individual client needs. People paired with service dogs show significant improvements psychologically, socially – even economically.
French Bulldog Rescue Network

Rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes French Bulldogs in need from commercial breeding kennels, import brokers, public shelters, private rescue groups, owners or Good Samaritans.
Friends of Indianapolis Animal Care & Control Foundation

Strives to improve animal welfare by supplementing the work of Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, Indiana’s largest open-door municipal animal shelter.
Friends of the Hillsborough County Animal Services

Provides loving care for the shelter’s animals; raises funds for their medical and other care; reduces euthanasia by supporting shelter animal adoption; and promotes the humane treatment and care of cats, dogs and other pets through the education.
Friends of the Missouri City Animal Shelter

Raises funds to pay for veterinary care or other services for animals at the Missouri City Animal Shelter; helps lost, abandoned, or abused domestic animals; promotes public awareness about the benefits of adopting pets and spay/neutering.
Friends of the Mustang Animal Shelter

Supports the programs of the Mustang Animal Shelter. Their mission is to increase pet adoption, improve the quality of life for shelter animals, and to promote spay/neutering.
Friends of Upland Animal Shelter

Focuses on activities that support the comfort, health, well-being, and adoption of homeless pets at the shelter.
Frisco Humane Society

Dedicated to saving the lives of homeless, abused, or unwanted animals. They strive to provide caring, responsible homes for these animals. They endeavor to reduce animal overpopulation through spay or neuter and to prevent cruelty to animals.
Frosted Faces Foundation

Rescues from the high kill shelters of Southern California, and has pre-approved Forever Foster Families upon rescue.
Furever Shih Tzu & Companion Dog Rescue

Places unwanted and abandoned purebred dogs into new homes.
FuzzyFaces Rescue

A haven for critically endangered livestock and poultry. They promote breeds that are easy to raise and have calm dispositions so that therapeutic opportunities can be experienced both at their location and at yours.
Gabby Jack Ranch

Offers innovative service and therapy dog training programs.
Great Dane Rescue of the Commonwealth

Takes in, rehabilitates and re-homes purebred Great Danes, who are no longer wanted, by placing them in foster care and carefully screening potential adopters to ensure that the perfect forever homes are found.

Addresses the health and well-being of people (particularly women and children), animals, and the planet.
Guide Dogs of America

Provides professionally trained guide dogs and instruction in their use at no cost to the blind and visually impaired. Each trained dog costs $42,000, and GDA relies entirely on donations.
Gulf Coast Humane Society

Cares for surrendered animals by offering refuge, medical care and facilitating an adoptive home.
Halfway There Rescue

Saves dogs and cats from over-crowded shelters and help find them loving, happy homes through temporary foster placements and transportation to rescues and homes in others states.
Hawaii Island Humane Society

Prevents cruelty to animals, eliminate pet overpopulation, and enhance the bond between humans and animals.
Heading Home K9 Rescue

Helps the underdogs: the seniors, the heartworm positive dogs, the big, black dogs, the overlooked dogs who just need a chance. They are a foster-based, all volunteer rescue group.
Heart of Texas SPCA

Our organization was established as a no-kill shelter in May of 2000, devoted to helping the homeless and unwanted animals in this city get the rehabilitation they need and find them responsible, loving homes.
Heartland Animal Shelter

Finds permanent, loving homes for homeless animals and promote responsible pet ownership through education and community outreach while maintaining respect and compassion for all creatures.
Heartland Weimaraner Rescue

Rescues and places unwanted Weimaraners. Donations help pay for food, supplies, medical bills and other associated costs that will help find these Weimaraners their forever homes.
Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue

Rescues and places unwanted companion animals. THey have helped thousands of companion animals find loving forever homes.

The Pet Protector System by 1-800-HELP-4-PETS is run by a team of dedicated pet lovers with more than 20 years experience in pet safety and rescue.
Helping Hounds Dog Rescue

HHDR is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization funded by donations, fundraisers and adoption fees, that works to find forever homes for rescue dogs in the Central New York area. HHDR is located at 6606 Kinne Road in Dewitt, NY.
HO-BO Care

HO-BO CARE is a non-profit corporation registered with the State of Colorado. Our small group consists of people who care for the homeless, abused and unwanted Boxers, may they be puppies or 10 year old adults. We find permanent and caring homes.
Homeward Pet Adoption Center

A no-kill animal shelter serving the Seattle area. Their mission is to give homeless animals a second chance through our rescue, shelter, and adoption programs.
Homeward Trails

Provides pet adoption in Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland. They find homes for dogs and cats rescued from high-kill animal shelters or whose owners could no longer care for them or were found as strays.
Houston Area Doberman Rescue

Rescues, rehabilitates, and places Doberman Pinschers in responsible and caring homes in addition to providing a resource for public education on the breed and responsible dog ownership.
Hugs for Homeless Animals

Hugs for Homeless Animals is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Oregon. We are a humane education organization who provides support programs that bridge the public with animal caring organizations.
Humane Rescue Alliance

The Humane Rescue Alliance protects animals, supports families, and advocates for positive change to create a world where all animals can thrive. We enrich the humanity of our communities by promoting compassion.comfort
Humane Society of Central Texas

The Humane Society of Central Texas (HSCT) is an advocate for the community goal of maintaining a no-kill status at the shelter. We are contracting partners with the City of Waco at the Animal Shelter at 2032 Circle Road.
Humane Society of Greater Miami

Helping homeless animals in Miami-Dade County since 1936. Today, more than 300 homeless dogs, cats, puppies and kittens each day are cared for at the Soffer and Fine Adoption Center in North Miami Beach.
Humane Society of Huron Valley

An award-winning animal welfare foundation dedicated to saving the lives and reducing the suffering of homeless and abused animals.
Humane Society of Indianapolis

Serving Indianapolis and the surrounding counties since 1905, the HS of Indianapolis provides vital services to animals and people alike through sheltering and adopting animals, providing public training, and community outreach.
Humane Society of Northeast Georgia

Serving Hall County and northeast Georgia since 1913, the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA) provides vital services to animals and people alike.
Humane Society of Sedona

Dedicated to getting a safe and caring environment for every animal. They raise awareness of the value of animals in people's lives, provide a safe temporary shelter for animals in need, and generate resources to accomplish these goals.
Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Dedicated to ending animal homelessness and providing care and comfort for companion animals in need.
HuskyNLab Rescue

Provide temporary care to improve the quality of life and standards for each rescued animal and find them well matched pre-screened forever homes. They focus on homeless abused and neglected pets in Southern Rural high kill shelters.
I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue

Rescues dogs from shelters at risk of being euthanized as well as abandoned, abused, and stray dogs. They also rescue many dogs from owners who are forced to surrender their dogs due to financial or personal issues.
Ian Somerhalder Foundation

Aims to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.
Idaho Humane Society

The largest and oldest animal welfare organization and veterinary charity in the state of Idaho. Their mission is to advocate for the welfare and responsible care of animals, and protect them from neglect and cruelty.
In Harmony with Nature Animal Haven

Located on 2.5 acres of secluded wooded property, IHWN uses natural and holistic methods of care as often as possible. They open their doors to any animal they can care for. They currently have wolves, dogs, cats, parrots, reptiles, and pigs in their care
International Association Of Animal Behavioral Consultants

The goals of the IAABC were to standardize and support the practice of companion animal behavior consulting, while providing resources for pet owners needing advice. The organization has since grown to nearly 400 members throughout the world.
Internet Miniature Pinscher Service

All dogs are home fostered, vetted, chipped, and altered. Has successfully re-homed approximately 24,000 Miniature Pinschers since they started, including those currently in foster.
JR's Pups N Stuff

Life’s greatest rewards come from watching a rescue dog play with a ball for the first time…or enjoy the warm hearth in front of the fireplace…or when they first understand that food does indeed come every day.
K-9 For Love

Take in strays, abused or abandoned, and/or homeless dogs that were going to be euthanized.
K9 Justice League

A Virginia Beach foster home-based rescue. Every dog that enters their rescue is updated on all vaccines, spayed/neutered, and micro-chipped. All dogs are trained in house manners, socialization, and basic obedience.
K9's for Warriors

Provides service canines to our warriors suffering from post-traumatic stress as a result of conflicts and war after 9/11.
Kentucky Humane Society

A private organization that is Kentucky's largest pet adoption agency and largest no-kill animal shelter.
Labrador Friends of the South

An all volunteer organization aiming to help Labradors find new, loving forever homes. Their program provides veterinary care and temperament testing before being eligible for adoption.
Last Day Dog Rescue

A no-kill rescue with foster homes across Michigan, focusing on saving those who are most likely not saved without their help. They were founded in 2007 on the principle that all life is precious, regardless of breed, appearance, or age.
Left Behind K-9 Rescue

Saves homeless dogs and allows them a second chance at life through their rescue, transport, foster care, rehab, and adoption programs. They prevent the euthanasia of healthy dogs by working towards re-homing the abandoned, stray, and neglected dogs.
Little Angels Pet Rescue

Dedicated to saving small dogs, often seniors and medically challenged, from high kill shelters in the San Bernardino area. Working with rescue partners, we restore health and confidence to former outcasts and assist in placement to permanent adoption.
Little Angels Service Dogs

Trains and places assistance dogs with disabled children and adults throughout the United States. Their dogs are trained to assist with seizures, diabetes, PTSD, autism, hearing loss and mobility.
Lone Star Boxer Rescue

Dedicated to the health and well-being of the boxer breed. LSBR is run and managed by volunteers. Their objective is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home boxers from shelters, surrenders, and strays.
Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation

Rescues abandoned and displaced dogs and cats from the threat of euthanasia in over-crowded shelters or other at-risk situations and places them for adoption.
Love Dog Adventures

Love Dog Adventures, an all-volunteer animal therapy program, provides Response to Intervention, Reading with the Love Dogs, an anti-bully initiative and therapies integrating dogs and cats into the most sensitive populations.
Loving Angel Service Dogs

Non-profit agency dedicated to training Service Dogs that we provide to U.S. Military Veterans at no cost to them. We also place Service Dogs with other individuals that are in need of a well-trained dog to help them manage life with disabilities.
Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

An all-volunteer, non-profit animal rescue organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals and educating the community on responsible pet ownership.
Lucky Paws Shelter

A cage and kennel free facility and provides its rescued animals the best comforts possible to help them cope from being in bad situations and/or in cages at local kill facilities.
MarrVelous Pet Rescues

Dedicated to finding homes for animals in need. They don't have a shelter. They rely on their network of fosters.
Mastiff Rescue of Florida

Mastiff Rescue of Florida rescues and re-homes English Mastiffs. MRF is a foster based rescue with dedicated volunteers and wonderful adoptions. We have an Oldies but Goodies program giving the older ones a permanent foster home with love and medical care
Meridian Valley Humane Society

Dedicated to providing compassion, protection, welfare, and responsible adoption for owner relinquished canines.
Mid Atlantic Italian Greyhound Rescue

A local affiliate of the Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue, comprised of many loving volunteers who are dedicated to rehabilitating and finding forever homes for Italian Greyhounds that have come into rescue.
Midwest Pug Rescue

Rescues and provides a safe and loving sanctuary for abandoned, surrendered, stray and neglected pugs. They work to raise public awareness of the plight of homeless animals through our various community events.
Mini Mighty Mutts

An all volunteer, limited admission small dog rescue organization funded by private donations and adoption fees. They are a group of individuals who are dedicated to rescuing small breed dogs who have been abandoned.
Miniature Schnauzers & Friends Rescue

Helps provide animals a second chance to have a happy life and to help reduce pet overpopulation. They save dogs in need and provide them with proper care and foster homes while they await adoption.
Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue

MPBR is a small non profit, volunteer run organization in Minnesota.
We rescue, train, and rehome Pit Bulls. All of our dogs are housed in individual foster homes that they can depend on for love and training until their adopter comes along.
Missy's Haven Canine Rescue

A small four women all-volunteer organization specializing in canine rescue in San Antonio, Texas. Everything they do is on a volunteer basis. They are working to save lives of homeless animals and provide forever homes for dogs that need them.

Reduces the suffering and death of homeless animals due to pet overpopulation by providing high-quality, affordable, and accessible spay and neuter services to Minnesota shelters, rescue organizations, and the companion animals of the low-income community
Montclair Animal Shelter

Provides animal care and control for Montclair, Verona and Nutley. They intake stray animals and pets whose owners are unable to keep them and offer adoption services and programs designed to humanely control the local unwanted pet population.
Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue

Since 2004, Mostly Mutts has been working to reduce the number of animals euthanized at local shelters in metro Atlanta. We work closely with animal control officers to save adoptable dogs that are often moments away from being put to sleep.
Nassau Humane Society

Nassau Humane Society is dedicated to the humane treatment of all animals; to alleviate their suffering and neglect, to support the human-animal bond, and to foster an environment in which people respect all living creatures.
Natalie's Second Chance

A no kill dog shelter that takes in all types of dogs regardless of age, breed or handicaps. They take in dogs temporarily until they find forever loving homes.
New Mexico Pets Alive/PawCORE

A national effort to lend diverse knowledge, expertise and networks to help increase job training opportunities that lead to gainful employment while delivering second chances to pets in need.
Nittany Beagle Rescue

An all-volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the lives of beagles in central Pennsylvania. THey accept beagles from shelters and from owners who can no longer keep them, and they work to find them loving, permanent homes.
No Borders Bulldog Rescue

No Borders Bulldog Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, completely volunteer driven, dedicated to saving and placing English, French and Olde English Bulldogs with loving families or “forever homes”
Noah's Arc Society

Mission is to rescue any unwanted animals and offer care through sheltering at our sanctuary, to offer pet placement programs, to educate this and future generations about spay and neuter necessity, to offer wildlife rehabilitation and reintroduction.
North Texas Samoyed Rescue, Inc.

Rescues, rehabilitates and finds loving forever homes for Samoyed breed dogs in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Kansas.
Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue, Inc

Volunteers based in CT, DE, NJ, NY, PA, and parts of MD who serve Boston Terriers in need within the reach of their helping hands. All of their rescue dogs are fostered and evaluated for a two week minimum.
Northern California Border Collie Rescue & Adoptions

A group of volunteers who give of their time, energy, and resources to help place border collies into new homes where they will be well cared for and loved.
Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (NorSled)

Rescuing, fostering and finding homes for unwanted, abandoned and abused Northern breed dogs.
Northern California Weimaraner Rescue

Dedicated to the overall welfare of Weimaraners. They rescue, rehabilitate and place abandoned dogs, neglected dogs or dogs whose families can no longer provide care for their pets.
Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue

all volunteer organization established in 1999 to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Shelties. All NVSR dogs are fostered in volunteers' homes, and medical needs are addressed, including spay or neuter. They are then adopted to carefully chosen homes.
Old Dog Haven

A large network of foster homes to provide a loving safe home for abandoned senior dogs. They care for the rest in permanent foster home (what they call “Final Refuge”) for as long as they have good quality of life.
Old Dominion Boston Terrier Rescue

Shelters all Boston Terriers regardless of age health or disposition. They work with veterinarians and animal behaviorists to give each Boston the best chance at the life they deserve.
One Step Closer Animal Rescue

Saves dogs and cats from desperate situations. They rescue pets from overcrowded shelters where animals are euthanized due to lack of space. Volunteers care for these pets in our network of foster homes where they receive the loving care they deserve.
Operation Blankets of Love

Improves the well-being of homeless animals and increases chances for survival and adoption – with the ultimate aim of eliminating animal homelessness. OBOL provides donated recycled and new aid and comfort items to homeless animals.
Operation Delta Dog

Operation Delta Dog was founded in 2013 to help alleviate two big problems facing our country: the overwhelming number of veteran suicides; and the plight of homeless dogs in overcrowded shelters.

Oregon Friends of Animal Shelters

OFOSA has grown from a small kitchen table operation with a handful of passionate animal lovers to become a respected leader in this cause, helping to support several local shelters, rescues and hundreds of foster homes
Oregon Humane Society

Shelters abandoned animals, fights cruelty and neglect, and works to build a caring, compassionate community here in Oregon.
Paw Prints in the Sand

Paw Prints in the Sand Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) all- animal rescue organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming abused, abandoned, neglected and stray companion animals.
Paws 4 You Rescue

Saves animals from euthanasia at Miami-Dade Animal Services. Rescued animals vary from being sick, injured, homeless and surrendered to simply lost. They give these animals a safe environment, medical care, pet meds, training, support, hope, and love.
Paws in the City

Committed to ending the overpopulation, abuse, neglect of Dallas area dogs and cats. Their goal is that every adoptable dog and cat finds a loving home. They are an all-volunteer, no-kill, 501 [c][3] organization.
PAWS Montclair

An animal rescue and shelter organization dedicated to the humane treatment of animals. They've been facilitating pet adoption for stray and abandoned cats and dogs in their community since 1977.
Paws New England

Rescues abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs from high-kill shelters and desperate situations and place them in safe, loving homes. Based out of Barrington, Rhode Island, Paws New England has become one of the most recognized rescues in the area.

Provides pet care assistance to people in New York City who find themselves unable to care for their pets due to circumstances such as illness, job loss, physical limitations, age, or other crisis.
PAWS Philadelphia

Saves Philadelphia’s homeless, abandoned, and unwanted animals. They are Philadelphia's largest rescue organization and only no-kill shelter.
PAWS Seattle

A champion for animals—rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife, sheltering and adopting homeless cats and dogs, and educating people to make a better world for animals and people.

Dedicated to creating and growing lifetime relationships between pets and people through adoption, training, education, and care. Paws4ever offers services through their adoption center, dog trainingprogram, and legacy care.
PawSafe Animal Rescue

Provides a better life for adoptable companion animals without homes and to assist in the effort to limit the overpopulation of these animals through a low kill methodology.
Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

A resource and advocate for senior dogs and senior people on California's Central Coast. They find loving homes for dogs whose guardians can no longer care for them and for senior dogs in shelters.
Pennsylvania SPCA

The second humane organization to be founded in the United States. Throughout the years they have been dedicated to improving the lives of Pennsylvania’s animals through our core programs.
Pet Guardian Pet Service, Inc

Guardians to those who have no voice. Their focus is to find options for animals in crisis. Many are abused, neglected, hopeless and need a safe place. Their purpose is to have compassion and stop suffering.
Pet Orphans of Southern California

Provides broad community support for 40 years through their Humane Education program, and their diverse client services: medical/financial, spay/neuter, training assistance, and counseling to encourage responsible pet guardianship and reduce animal abuse.
Pet Partners

Advocates, educates and demonstrates the power of the human-animal bond through life-enhancing initiatives such as their therapy animal program, which brings healing to millions of people.
Pet Project Rescue

A local, for purpose organization that rescues homeless or abandoned dogs and cats and places them in volunteer foster homes until the animal is adopted by a forever family.
Pet Savers Spay/Neuter Clinic

Pet Savers Spay/Neuter Clinic is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 1996 that provides a non-lethal solution to pet overpopulation by offering high quality, low cost spay and neuter to companion animals of the Inland Northwest.
Pet Tech

The first international training center dedicated to CPR, First Aid & Care for dogs and cats.
PetAid Colorado

A safety net for all of Colorado’s animals. With diverse programs that address an array of animal health and welfare issues, PetAid Colorado serves as a consensus builder and a visionary organization ready to lead in the future.
PetConnect Rescue

Saves the lives of abandoned dogs and cats and place them in loving and permanent homes.
Pets Alive

Pets Alive, Inc. is one of the oldest no kill animal sanctuaries on the East Coast located in Middletown, New York. In 2015, they rescued nearly 800 dogs and farm animals from life-threatening circumstances and rehomed close to 600 animals.
Pets of the Homeless

Feeds and provides basic emergency veterinary care to pets of the homeless and thus relieves the anguish and anxiety of the homeless who cannot provide for their pets.
PIMA Medical Institute

Provide future veterinarians and other students with a well-rounded education that offers theoretical classroom studies coupled with real world training on-site at medical facilities.
Pit Sisters

Focus is on the misunderstood dogs who are judged on their appearance, especially pitbulls. Most animals that come to Pit Sisters are in need of rehabilitation due to undernourishment/neglect or have special needs and would otherwise be euthanized.
Placer SPCA

Reunites lost pets with their owners, enables struggling families and individuals to keep their pets when times are tough, and matches homeless pets with those searching for a companion. Placer SPCA shelters approximately 4,000 homeless animals annually.
Poodle Rescue of New England

All volunteer organization that rescues homeless poodles, providing services throughout New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island).
Project Racing Home

Provides quality care for the greyhounds in their facility and place them into loving homes through the adoption process once they retire from racing. They offer ongoing support to help adopted hounds adapt to their new environments.
Pug Rescue of Austin

An all-volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, healthcare, and placement of abused, neglected, and unwanted pugs.
Pug Squad

Proceeds from our online fundraisers and in-person events are donated to rescues across the country working to place pugs in loving forever homes. We also help families who wish to keep but cannot afford to care for their senior and special needs pugs.
Pup Package

Pup Package donates essentials to foster families and rescue groups to help reduce out of pocket expenses; to help make shelter dogs a term of the past and to find pups their furever home! This creates a positive journey for furbabies and fur parents.
Rakki-Inu Akita Rescue

Finding new, loving homes for their rescues and to providing help and support for Akita owners everywhere.
Rebels Rescue

Rescues and finds new homes for stray, abandoned, neglected, abused, and surrendered animals at the high kill shelters in the Tampa Bay area.
Recycled Pets NorCal

Provides forever homes in the Sacramento, California area for animals in need working with shelters and rescues throughout California.
Red Paw Emergency Relief Team

Provides emergency services to animals displaced by disaster situations, educates on best practices and guidelines concerning responsible pet care, and promotes promote community awareness of fire prevention and emergency preparedness to include pets.

Brings animals out of crisis and strengthens the bond between people and animals through a variety of programs, including emergency sheltering, disaster relief services, financial assistance and education.
Regional Animal Shelter

The Mission shall be: (a) To provide immediate shelter and care for any or all homeless or abused animals, and either reunite these animals with their owners, find them new homes, or shelter them until such a time as they are redeemed, adopted, or humanel
Rescue Pit, Inc.

A pit bull rescue. They are committed to saving lives by creating a network of advocates in Rochester, NY.
Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue

A small group of volunteers that find and rehome rural and some local Labrador retrievers and Lab mixes. They find their Labs through shelter volunteers out of state, who will alert them to great dogs that are about to be put to sleep.
Rotten Rottie Rescue

Focused on purebred Rottweilers. They take in Rottweilers that find themselves homeless and end up in the pound, or Rotties that are about to be turned over to the pound.
Rottweiler Hearts Rescue

A Durham area rescue/placement organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and careful rehoming of neglected, lost, surrendered, or otherwise homeless Rottweiler dogs in the central North Carolina region.
Ruff Love Rescue

The mission of Ruff Love Rescue is to provide a safe haven for homeless, abused, neglected, and/or ...abandoned dogs; especially those seen as poor adoption prospects.
Ruff Start Rescue

Rescues all animals whose lives are at risk, and educates the community about animal rescue and responsibility. They have cared for over 4,000 animals since 2010.
S.N.O.R.T. Rescue

Rescues brachycephalic dogs from shelters and owners who can no longer keep them, and place them into loving homes.
Safe Haven Animal Rescue

A charitable rescue organization dedicated to finding homes for homeless and abandoned animals.
Safe Haven No Kill Animal Rescue

Rescues abused and abandoned animals, and eliminate puppy mills.
Samadhi Legacy Foundation

A no-kill shelter and training center for all breeds of dogs. Their first mission is to rescue, train, foster, and find permanent homes for all their breeds, with an emphasis on Pit Bulls.
San Francisco SPCA

Founded in 1868, the SF SPCA is a community-supported nonprofit dedicated to saving, protecting and caring for cats and dogs.
Save The Giants

A foster-based, all volunteer, non-profit giant breed dog rescue organization. They focus their rescue efforts on saving and re-homing Great Danes, English Mastiffs, and Saint Bernards.

Dedicated to the rescue of pit bulls from homelessness, neglect, injury and abuse. By working with committed volunteers, foster homes, veterinarians and trainers, they give these dogs a second chance by finding them loving, well-matched forever homes.
Schnauzer Rescue of Texas

Founded on the principle that responsible rescue, in the long-term, finds homes for the largest number of lost, neglected and abandoned Schnauzers.
Seattle Humane Society

A private nonprofit dedicated to bringing people and pets together. Their vision for the future is to save the lives of all homeless companion animals in our community.
Secondhand Hounds

Rescues dogs from high kill shelters around the midwest and from owners who can no longer provide care for their dogs. Rescued dogs stay in the care of their extensive network of foster homes while they await adoption.
Shelter from the Storm

An all-breed dog and cat rescue in Madison, WI that works with shelters, animal control and private individuals find homes for animals in need. They use a series of foster homes and a sheltering facility to house their animals.
Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team (START)

Rescues animals from overcrowded high kill CA shelters and transports them to vetted organizations in Oregon and Washington. They have saved nearly 7,000 animals, providing spay/neuter to the underserved.
Short Mugs Rescue Squad

A volunteer-driven organization dedicated to the health and well-being of french bulldogs. They are based in Texas and also rescue English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and Pugs.
Sit-a-Dog, Save-a-Life General Fund

The Sit-a-Dog, Save-a-Life General Fund was set up as an alternative to choosing a single charity to donate to. It's a great way to still give back to worthy charities without declaring a specific affiliation with one.
SNAP San Diego

The first organization in San Diego County to provide comprehensive programs to solve the core causes of pet overpopulation and its tragic consequences. SNAP has spayed and neutered over 55,000 animals in clinics all over SD County.

Provides discounted spay-neuter services to North Carolina residents. Their mission is to address pet overpopulation by offering high quality, low cost spay-neuter surgeries for pets from low income families
Social Tees Animal Rescue (S.T.A.R.)

Takes abandoned animals from kill shelters and provides them with safe haven and veterinary care before placing them in responsible adoptable homes. S.T.A.R. rescues, rehabilitates, and places over 3000 dogs, cats, birds, and exotics per year.
Southern Friends Animal Society

Located in Desoto County, MS, just south of Memphis TN. We want to try to "Save them all". Following Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, we are dedicated to helping overfull shelters and lost, abandoned, unwanted and abused animals in the Mid-South area,
Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation

Rescues Beagles and educates about responsible dog and puppy ownership.
Southwest Humane Society

Through the work of their staff, along with the assistance of more than 500 volunteers, the HSSW offers an array of programs, including pet adoptions, community education, pet behavior advice, spay/neuter assistance, and low-cost pet adoptions for seniors
SPCA Florida

The adoption center receives more than 6,000 animals annually, while SPCA Florida’s full-service McClurg Animal Medical Center provides affordable, quality care for more than 4,500 clients each month.
SPCA of Anne Arundel County

Provides shelter and humane care for homeless animals in need and work as advocates for animal welfare in the surrounding community.
SPCA of Texas

The leading animal welfare agency in North Texas with two shelters and three spay/neuter clinics located in Dallas and McKinney. Provides an array of programs and services that bring people and animals together to enrich each others' lives.
spcaLA (Los Angeles, CA)

An independent welfare organization serving Southern California since 1877. Donations run programs and services including Cruelty Investigation, Disaster Animal Response Team, Humane Education and a variety of shelter services.
STARelief and Pet Assistance

Offers programs designed to save pets’ lives, assist families in need, reduce the number of pets entering shelters, and advocate for responsible pet
Stink Bug Project

Partnering with the Prison Trained K-9 Companion Program at Colorado Correctional Industries, the Stink Bug Project matches well-trained, loving companion dogs with families, throughout the Rocky Mountain region.
Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Leads the way towards making St. Louis a compassionate city where every companion animal knows health, comfort, and affection, and no stray is euthanized merely because he or she has been abandoned, abused, or neglected.
Summit Dog Rescue

Based in Boulder, Colorado our mission is to save dogs from kill shelters. We tend to focus on "mountain dogs" – dogs who thrive at elevation and are as comfortable hiking above treeline as playing in a creek. Dogs with altitude! Summit Dog Rescue, Boulde
Survivor Tails Animal Rescue

Rescues, rehomes, and rehabilitates homeless, unwanted, abused, and neglected dogs and cats and place them in loving and responsible forever homes.
Tabby's Place

It is our dream for each cat that she find a loving forever home with a family of her own. Any cat who is not adopted has a home for life at Tabby’s Place, where we are honored to be her forever family.
Tailchaser Rescue

Rescues cats and dogs from shelters where they are in danger. Their foster volunteers provide loving temporary homes for our rescued animals until they are adopted.
Tender Loving Crested Rescue

An all-volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of abused, abandoned and neglected Chinese Cresteds.
Texas Humane Legislation Network

HLN is the voice at the Texas Legislature for untold numbers of animals throughout Texas who suffer horrific abuse and tragic neglect at the hands of callous humans.
Thankful Paws

The only mobile food bank for pets in the area. We help the elderly and homeless care for their pets.
The Ace of Hearts Foundation

In memory of "Ace", a wonderful American Bull dog who was rescued from death, and touched the lives of many! (Especially founder Kari Whitman!) They rescue all breeds, and don't discriminate against any!
The Anti-Cruelty Society

Chicago’s oldest and largest open admission unlimited stay humane society committed to building a community of caring by helping pets and educating people. Through their comprehensive programs and services they help over 50,000 animals annually.
The Heartworm Project

Primarily treats heartworm positive dogs at local shelters who were scheduled to be euthanized because of their illness. They also take care of dogs and cats who need medical intervention that shelters can't provide.
The Humane Society of Warren County

Provides compassionate care to abandoned, abused, homeless and neglected animals in their community. In 2015, HSWC expects to adopt out over 1,000 animals and save over 90% of those the animals entrusted to their care.
The Last Resort

A no kill foster based rescue that pulls their dogs from high kill shelters. Their team of rescuers, vet techs, trainers, foster homes and volunteers bring animals to safety where they can learn to love and trust humans again.
The Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League

Staffed completely by volunteers in DC. MAGDRL helps Great Danes and mixed Dane dogs.
The Pet Rescue Center

Saving the lives of dogs and cats at risk of euthanasia.
The STAR Project

The STAR Project was formed to bring change to the lives of animals who are at risk for unnecessary euthanasia, have suffered abuse and neglect, deemed special needs, rapidly deteriorating in the shelter, or facing breed discrimination.
Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue

Rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes of Bichons and to the control of the animal population by spaying and neutering all Bichons before they are placed into new homes.
TikiHut Akita Rescue Association

Run solely by volunteers, dedicated to rehoming and rehabilitating Akitas.
Top Dog SF

Offers a 20-Hour Online Dog Walker Certification endorsed by San Francisco's Animal Care and Control to satisfy the city's commercial dog walking legislation.

Provides a tool to build and maintain portable Trust between strangers and sharing sites, simplifying and improving the Sharing Economy experience and shaping its evolution.
Underdog Rescue of Arizona

A foster-based dog rescue that is dedicated to rescuing and re-homing shelter dogs rescued from the euthanasia list and abandoned dogs in need.
Utah Animal Adoption Center

A non-euthanizing animal adoption center, rescuing an average of 1,000 dogs and cats each year and placing them in loving homes.
Valley Animal Center

The largest no-kill dog and cat adoption center, low-cost clinic, membership-based dog park and humane education provider in the San Joaquin Valley.

Connects pet parents to licensed veterinarians 24/7 worldwide. VetLive gives pet owners the option to upload pictures and videos of their pet’s problem as well as medical documents to be reviewed by real veterinarians.
Virginia Beach SPCA

The Virginia Beach SPCA is Hampton Roads’ largest private animal shelter. The VBSPCA places 3,500 homeless companion animals with adopters each year.

Makes it easier for those who love dogs to find a great place to volunteer in support of our canine friends.
Wags and Walks

Rescues family-friendly dogs from shelters and finds them safe and suitable permanent homes through adoption, advocacy and education.
Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League

Boards Malamutes in volunteers' homes through an email list. They've saved an average of 100 Malamutes a year since founding in 1998.
Wichita Pug Rescue

A no kill animal welfare group that was formed as a network of foster homes in response to the over-whelming number of unwanted and abandoned Pugs in Kansas and Northern Oklahoma.
Wings of Rescue

Wings of Rescue is committed to saving the lives of shelter dogs and cats that are facing certain death by transporting them from over-crowded shelters to shelters that are under populated and in need of animals for adoption.
Wisconsin German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

Provides the general public with knowledge of their breed, offer fully vetted, rescued, purebred GSPs for adoption, with a life-time follow-up and return policy for all of their adopted GSPs.
Wisconsin Humane Society

A private nonprofit organization whose mission is to build a community where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness. WHS has been saving the lives of animals in need for more than 130 years.
WolfSpirit's Rescue

An all volunteer rescue group dedicated to rescue,rehab and re-homing toy breed dogs from commercial kennels, puppy mills, and shelters.
WOOF Animal Rescue

A 100% volunteer-based non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing animals in Northern California. With the help of their volunteers, WOOF has rescued numerous dogs from high-kill shelters.
Young-Williams Animal Center

Caring for the abandoned animals in East Tennessee and striving to manage the pet overpopulation in the region are not easy tasks. Our vision is A Home for Every Pet and we are working in partnership with the community to make a positive difference.