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Galindo, Austin , TX

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Stacey H.'s Home
  • House
  • Has 3 Dogs, No Other Pets
About Stacey:

I am passionate about my dogs and will love your baby just as I do my own. I'm open to having your pet spend the night at my house, but am also available for play dates, walks, and visits to your home. My house is small, but I have a huge screened in back porch that is my boys' and their friends. I am honest and reliable, the assistant manager at Piranha Killer Sushi downtown. My world revolves around my boys, from how my house is set up to what I drive. They are friendly and accepting of guests in our house especially my eternal puppy Bronx. He loves to have a playmate and although he's a big guy he knows to be especially gentle with the little ones. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or to watch your loved one.

About this sitter:
Hi Guys! If you've come across me before, I took a break from dog sitting from July until November, I took a job as a restaurant manager and worked 60+ hours a week. I am just starting back this weekend, and am available full time due to a knee injury that won't let me stay on my feet 12 hours a day! I live in central Austin with a fenced in backyard. I try to take my boys to the park daily, and if they dont get to the park we have a secret neighborhood watering hole that is a great way for them to get some exercise. I have been a dog owner ever since I can remember, and i love dogs of all shapes and sizes. i have two dogs that my world revolves around, and my home is very pet friendly. Every dog that comes to stay with us has a great time! But i am also available to come walk your dog or even scoop them up and drive them to a nearby dog friendly park to socialize and play. I promise to make sure that they get at least an hour of exercise, while of course keeping a keen eye on them for safety's sake. My full attention is always directed towards them, my phone stays in my pocket for emergency purposes and maybe a pic or two of your loved one, but I pay full attention to your baby instead of paying attention to my phone. If they're not good off leash, I can take them on a brisk walk or run to save you time to spend with your family at home. I can guarantee that they will get plenty of exercise and socialization during your long work hours. Please feel free to give me a call or come visit so that your are comfortable leaving your baby in my care.

I am a known regular at Auditorium Shores, I have my two dogs who I take out as often as i can. I've owned a dog as far back as I can remember, and I have experience in just about every situation that a dog owner can be faced with. However, I am a pack leader with tons of love to offer! I've watched almost every episode of The Dog Whisperer and bring Cesar Milan's tried and true training to the animals I care for.

Why I love dog sitting
I have been a dog owner since I was a small child, and love my furry babies.

Meet my pets
My boys love company! It's a non- stop party around here. The ice breaker is usually the big basket of half chewed bones and toys. Once your pup finds the basket of toys they KNOW they're in the right place. My youngest Bronx gets depressed for a day after his buddies leave, so we really look forward to having dogs over. We have a large screened in back porch that the dogs have free reign over, and a fenced in backyard. The fence is not pretty, but it doesn't have any escape routes. Although we do have a yard we still make daily trips to the dog parks around town. I have an amazing secret dog park right in the middle of the Galindo neighborhood that the boys and company absolutely love! RIP Bruiser Hines I loved you sooo much.

About my yard
I have a fenced in backyard, as well as a large screened in back porch that is all doggie play space.

What Stacey needs to know about your dog

There are a few things I need to know about your pup.
1. Are they house trained?
2. Are they leash trained?
3. Are they socialized?
4. How is their recall when off leash?
5.Do they have any "special habits"? (i.e. escape artist maneuvers)

Being trained is DEFINITELY NOT a requirement, I just like to know a little bit about their behavior.

When your dog stays in Stacey's home

Here's where we'll take our walks
I live in south Austin, and have a great neighborhood for dog walking. I do like to take my boys to Auditorium shores to get some interaction with other dogs as well.

Your dog's sleeping arrangement
Wherever they would like. With me if they prefer. I do usually ask that you bring their bed so they have a little piece of home with them if they have one. If not it's completely fine, we have plenty of extras.

Time I'll spend with your dog
I am currently re-habilitating a knee injury, so I will be with them the entire time.

This sitter accepts:

Maximum of 3 dogs

Clients within: 10 miles (see map)
  • Small (0 - 15lbs)
  • Medium (16 - 40lbs)
  • Large (41 - 100lbs)
  • Giant (101lbs and above)
  • Accepts puppies
Cancellation Policy: Strict

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Bruiser Hines

Age: 12 years, 9 mo. old
Weight: 65 lbs.
Breed: Boxer

RIP Bruiser Hines,
My best friend and soulmate went to heaven this summer. I'm still heartbroken.

Bruiser is a very wise old soul. I'm pretty if he had thumbs he could drive himself to the park! And if he could talk his voice would sound like Teddy Pendergrass. Bruiser is very calm in demeanor and doesn't look a day over five! He is very well behaved and can go anywhere without causing a disturbance. His favorite places to go are the dog park, (naturally!), Lucy's, Freddie's and the sno-cone stand across from Guero's. They have a great chicken flavored sno-cone topped with Beggin' Strips.

Bronx Arnold-Hines

Age: 6 years, 5 mo. old
Weight: 100 lbs.
Breed: Boxer & St. Bernard

I am one naughty boy! I have my own facebook page I'm so bad! I'm an escape artist like none other! I think this prepares my Mommy for any stunt anyone else pulls!! (He-he!) I have crashed through locked doors to steal a bag of treats, through perfect screen windows to take myself on a walk, and lifted my Mom's furry coat from the TOP of her closet to take IT on a walk through the yard. (we wrestled and I totally wupped it, wasn't much left of that sucker when Mom got home!) I'm convinced that if my Mommy can handle my bad behavior she can handle anybody's!

Lucky..aka Conan the Destroyer

Age: not provided
Weight: 8 lbs.

Lucky is a rescue I have taken in, I don't know very much about him, except that he is a total handful, and is a fuzzy mess! But I do adore him!

11 Reviews

Brandon T.

June 10

thanks again!

Thanks again for the cute izzy pics & the hospitality as always!

Jen L.

May 20

Clint A.

May 19

She took good care of my dogs and sent me updates via text and even pics. I will definitely have her board my dogs again.

Brandon T.

April 3

Another great stay!

Amber H.

April 2

Trax had a blast with Stacey's dog Bronx and Stacey kept me updated with pics & texts throughout the stay. I was so happy to know Trax was in good hands. It was a great experience and I will be booking with Stacey again very soon. Thanks, Stacey!

Brandon T.

December 31

Vanessa C.

October 7

Nucky (my Boston) loved staying with Stacy and her 2 big dogs. He came home completely tuckered out from 2 days with her and the boys!


Rick N.

July 1
Have known Stacy for years and affectionately call her coach for her baseball prowess, which she brings to her four legged friends with rousing games of fetch. She has taken care of my little lab/hound puppy with great success and is a loving caretaker for all of our dog friends.

Vanessa C.

July 28
Stacey is a fun girl with an obvious passion for dogs! Our 9 mo. Boston Terrier came home tuckered out from all the fun he had playing with her two Boxers! This is no easy feat considering his energy level. I will definitely be calling Stacey next time we need a sitter for our rambunctious teen Nucky : )
Stacey was wonderful with our dog, Hattie. She was available with very little notice, and sent sweet photos to us the whole time we were gone. We felt very comfortable with our girl in her care. We will definitely use her services again. Thanks, Stacey!! :) K + D + F + C + H