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Vista, CA

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About Sharon:


I am taking reservations for the holidays. I will only keep one family of "babies" at the time.
1 Dog per night-$30.00, 2 Dogs per night $45.00 in my home.
3 or more must be kept in your home at a rate of $60.00per night and $10 additional for every pet over 3.

Will also take care of any other fur bearing animal(Cats Included Here) or fish IN YOUR HOME but PLEASE NO REPTILES.
Not sure how Herman and Lila would do with Cats IN OUR HOME and I am not that comfortable working with reptiles.
All other animals and their care are negotiable and I can do MULTIPLE DAILY DRIVEBYS for those who need just food, water and crate cleaning/litter changing.

So Here is My Story and Experiences:

I have been around dogs since the day I was born(1964) when I grew up in a home of animal lovers. Technically I owned my first dog when I was 2 years old. Mom said I kept picking the same puppy out of the litter so she had to keep him for me. He name was Chester and he was my best friend. My family continued to always have animals as I grew up. There were dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, a pony, a burro, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, chickens, a pig, and a few horses in the past 48 yrs of my life. Most of which we had babies with. My first chicken I raised from an egg and an incubator. Our pig was the runt of the litter, assumed blind and destined to death by the famer. After a good bath to get the mud off his eyes and a warm bottle he became a family pet.

In addition, I had my own dog kennel that started in 1984 with the first purchase of an American Cocker Spaniel named Candy at age 18. Just as my mom did, I decided to breed her and started a 23 year passion of raising puppies. I started with cocker spaniels and moved on to other breeds both large and small including Cockers, Cockerpoos, Yorkies, Yorkiepoos, Pomapoos and yes those oh so scary pit bulls. Mine were angels. Bet yours are too.

So you can see any size or breed of dog I will take care of as if it were my baby as well.

I currently have a 1 yr old American Cocker Spaniel named Herman and he never meets a stranger whether it has 2 legs or 4. There is also my 2-3 yr old ShihPoo (Shih Tzu Poodle Mix) named Lila is an absolute sweetheart.

I have references available of other peoples dogs I have sat for. My longest service was for a 2 months Buddie The Beagle's Marine Dad was on a field op in 29 Palms. Also sat for a month for Kent, the German Shepherd's dad went to Tailand. And there are others.

I live in a very large house with lots of acreage. Plenty of places to walk and explore.

So if I sound like I would be perfect for you and your loved one(s) please contact me at or text 760-458-1792

and see if we all will be a good fit.

Want to see something funny. Go to You Tube and type in Herman The Cocker Spaniel Watches Dogs 101

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James M.

October 22
Being in the Marines has me in and out of the city alot and anytime that i have needed assistance with my beagle "Buddy" Sharon has always been there for me. wether it be an spontanious field operation or planned event she was always willing to work with me and always put the dog first.

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