Riki Q. - The Queens Dog House

Forest Hills, Forest Hills, NY

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Riki Q. provides

Home Sitting

from $60 per night
Return Clients Only
NOTE: This sitter is away and may not respond to inquiries.
80% response rate Sitter responds to most requests within 24 hours
Under an hour Sitter responds in under an hour
Riki Q.'s Skills
  • 20 Years Of Experience
Riki Q.'s Home
  • Apartment
  • Non-Smoking Household
  • Has Cats
  • Has 2 Dogs
  • No Children
  • Dogs Allowed On Bed
  • Dogs Allowed On Furniture
About Riki:

My husband and I own 2 very friendly dogs that love having guests: a Golden retriever mix and a Labrador. My husband is an amateur dog trainer who can provide free training while your dog stays with us. We are both active and love to take our dogs for runs and daily trips to the local dog park. We believe that dogs deserve to be treated with love and affection, that's why we use positive reinforcement methods to train our dogs.
Our apartment is on the ground floor, spacious, with a private entrance. There's plenty of room for dogs to romp around, or just hang out.
I only work part time so I can provide your dog with a lot of attention and at least 3 walks a day. You won't have to worry about your dog being sad without you, he/she will be too busy having fun.
We would love to have your dog stay with us and be part of our family.

About this sitter:
I have always been an animal lover especially dogs. I grew up with all kinds of animals in my home: cats, dogs, hamsters and even snakes. So has my husband Shlomo.
We have recently moved to Forest Hills from Israel with our 2 dogs: Piper and Spartacus. I believe that dogs should be treated with love and affection and that they deserve to be happy. And a tired dog is a good dog. That's why our dogs get lots of exercise: running with us, going to the dog park every day and training at home for mental stimulation.

Why I love dog sitting
I have loved dogs since I can remember. My siblings and I begged our parents to get one and finally they did. I loved our dog Sufa and used to take her on really long walks. A few months after I got married Spartacus was plopped on us by my cousin. He was found in the rain and he was this adorable fluff ball we just couldn't resist. A few years later we rescued a stray dog but couldn't afford to take care of her so we found her a great home. Then a year later we found Piper on the street and couldn't resist her either. She was a handful but so cute and, with a lot of training and more patience, she has turned into a wonderful companion. My husband and I have watched our friend's and families dogs on multiple occasions sometimes for weeks at a time. We give other dogs as much love and attention as we do our own.

Meet my pets
Spartacus: Golden Retriever Mix, Male, Neutered, 6-years-old. He's a gentle giant. We like to say that he's mixed with a polar bear... and sometimes refer to him as "the rug" since he usually just lies around. But if you rile him up a bit he's ready to play and always loves to go for runs with us.
Piper: Labrador, Female, Spayed, 2-years-old. You can't find a dog any more different than her brother. She is rambunctious and always ready to play. It's not a coincidence that her name rhymes with "hyper"... she is the queen of the dog park and is constantly playing with everyone. She is always ready to kiss you or eat anything you leave over. But we have taught her to be able to relax by reinforcing quiet behavior. You can easily sleep in until noon on the weekends with her snuggled up against you.

My experience administering medication
I can give pills but not shots.

What Riki needs to know about your dog

I have no preferences in terms of breeds. I believe every dog should be judged by his/her individual personality and not by their breed. I would like to know if the dog has any allergies or health issues. The dog must get along with other dogs, be vaccinated and treated for flees and ticks. I would love to know if he/she has a favorite spot she likes scratched and anything else that he/she likes. If there are any quarks or tendencies: like being afraid of loud noises, lunging at people or other dogs. I would also like to know if he/she are neutered/spayed. In the end our dogs: Spartacus and Piper have the final veto power so we would like to arrange a meet and greet before we commit to taking care of your dog.

* puppies and un-neutered dogs are an extra $5 a night

When your dog stays in Riki's home

Here's where we'll take our walks
Every day I take the dogs out in the morning for about half and hour through Yellowstone Park and the surrounding neighborhood. In the late afternoon-evening we take our dogs to the dog park on Grand Central Parkway. It's a giant, fenced in park with a bunch of dogs and they romp around for about 1.5 hours. Then in the late evening I take them out again for about 20 minutes on the quiet neighborhood streets.

Your dog's sleeping arrangement
Wherever he/she wants to sleep. On the bed, couch, dog-mat, or even on a chair (like our dog Piper likes to do)

Time I'll spend with your dog
As much as possible. No less than 12 hours.

This sitter accepts:

Maximum of 1 dog

  • Small (0 - 15lbs)
  • Medium (16 - 40lbs)
  • Large (41 - 100lbs)
  • Giant (101lbs and above)
  • Accepts puppies
  • Dogs who can wait at least 4-8 hours between potty breaks

This sitter does not accept:

  • Unspayed females
  • Non-neutered males
  • Females who are in heat
Cancellation Policy: Moderate

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Age: 8 years, 4 mo. old
Weight: 90 lbs.
Breed: Golden Retriever

A gentle giant golden/polar-bear mix. Also know as "the rug" preferring the sprawled look. Very friendly, great for hugs.


Age: 4 years, 4 mo. old
Weight: 63 lbs.
Breed: Labrador Retriever

Also know as "hyper piper", she is extremely energetic and rambunctious. She loves every person, every dog and eating everything, excluding lemons, though she has tried them...
She loves to play in the park, and run with us. She is highly intelligent and trainable and will do anything for food. She is the queen of dog park, every dog wants to play with her.

25 Reviews

Melissa A.

December 3

Great, Great People! Thanks Riki!

Melissa A.

November 4

Riki is great with dogs and a fantastic 'pack leader' and I felt that my dog was in great hands. I left Penny for about 24 hours with her, and received many pictures throughout the day. Penny had a great time and I would definitely use Riki again next time we need a dog-sitter.

Danielle V.

September 2

Judy W.

June 16

Our cavachon Noodle recently stayed with Riki over the weekend and it was a terrific experience. Noodle looked like she had a lot of fun at the dog parks and Riki's 2 pups were great companions. It's great to know that your dog is being well taken care of while you're away.

Brian L.

May 29

I'm a photographer, so sometimes I get last minute bookings for assisting/2nd shooting weddings. Usually these are long days and I feel bad leaving Koby at home. Rikki always seems to come through for Judy and I! Thanks a lot!

Brian L.

February 24

Riki and her husband are natural care takers of dogs and they did a great job with Koby for this past week. We are grateful to have met them and looking forward for future stays with them.

Rhonda K.

January 17

This is my first experience with rover and I was fortunate to find Riki right away. She is amazing. Very professional, excellent communications and dedicated to the dogs. I loved the photos and videos sent throughout the stay and felt my boy was in good, responsible hands, allowing me to relax.

Rafael R.

January 16

We left our Pepper with Rikki and her dogs for an extended stay and I can say that based on the continuous pictures of our dog playing with Rikki's dogs, Pepper seemed very happy. I am glad that I did't have to kennel her. She was part of that family during the stay. I will definitely use them again.

Ilona K.

December 12



Ashira Q.

December 30
Going away is a lot easier knowing Riki and Shlomo will be taking care of your dog. When I came home after a month my dear Kwacha was very happy to see me, but in no hurry to leave Riki who took such good care of her and with so much love. She even came home knowing new tricks! Best dog sitters ever! Kwacha and I thank you so much!

Lital B.

December 30
We left our very sensitive puppy with Riki for a weekend and were very pleased to find her calm and happy when we came back. Recommended!

Molly L.

December 30

Naomi G.

December 30

Leah F.

December 30
My dog is not the easiest to walk, as he has a tendency to lunge at any other dog in his path. He also has endless amounts of energy. However I never worry about leaving him with Riki. I know he gets hours of workouts with her, and she can easily handle any misbehavior.