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Delaware, OH

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Rachel B.'s Skills
  • First Aid/CPR
About Rachel:

Hello, my name is Rachel! I'm 22 years old and a student at Agnes Scott College. I grew up with dogs, and have always loved having them around. Right now, I have two amazing dogs, an english setter named Maggie and a jack russell named Dippy. I know how it feels to leave your dog with someone while you go on vacation, and I know exactly how I would want my dogs to be treated while I'm gone. This makes me an exceptional pet sitter. I worked at an animal shelter for four years and a vet tech for one. I considered being a vet when I was younger, and have done a few observations in vet offices. My uncle is a vet, and is always willing to take my calls. I am extremely responsible, and have pet and house sat for many of the faculty members at my school. I'm excited to be able to spend some time with your dogs; it's something I miss when I'm here on campus! Message me if you have any further questions, and I can give you references.

Four Years at the Mason County Animal Shelter
One year as a Vet Tech in Detroit, MI

Why I love dog sitting
I've grown up with dogs my whole life. I can't imagine living without them. I like the idea of pet sitting because it allows me to spend time with dogs while living in a dog-free dorm.

My experience administering medication
I am very comfortable. I'm the one in the household that administers the medicine, so I've been doing it for a long time.

What Rachel needs to know about your dog

I don't have any breed preferences. I would prefer to know if your dog has any quirks; if it doesn't like to have its food bowl touched while eating, if it bites when you do something, etc. This will not deter me by any means, but I'd like to know!

When Rachel cares for your dog in your home

Time I'll spend with your dog
As much time as possible or as much as you'd like. I love to play with dogs and go on big walks with them. In addition, if you would like someone to be in the house in the evenings, I am very flexible with my schedule.

Extra house-sitting services
In addition to pet sitting, I've also house sat several times. I have no problem doing any other tasks you need done.

This sitter accepts:
Clients within: 10 miles (see map)
  • Dogs who can wait at least 2-4 hours between potty breaks
Cancellation Policy:

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Elli K.

January 17
Rachel is not only a kind responsible young woman but also a compassionate animal lover. I have seen her diligently care for horses, feed goats, bond with her uncle's parrot and most importantly charm my West Highland Terrier, Roscoe. He loves her almost as much as he loves me so I know she would take good care of him and your dogs too.

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