Moriah M. - I will treat your companions as my own!

Ocean Beach, San Diego , CA

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About Moriah:

I got in a car accident a few months ago that has put me in a position which I'm not able to work a full time job. When I was younger I use to do pet sitting so I thought this would be a good way to keep productive and be around animals, which I love. I am dedicated to giving you and your pets my energy and time. I have transportation and can help out with your animal needs. I have a flexible schedule but I am starting school in April 2013. My profile says I'm a traveling sitter but depending on the animal and situation, I could potentially have your pet(s) at my home. We can also discuss prices.

Here's a little more about me:



Health Nut




Fun personality




Level Headed


Nurturing by nature

Holistic medicine

I have had pets my whole life, had a job where I pet sat for 3 pugs from June-December 2012, and dog walking.

Why I love dog sitting
I would say I have been a dog lover since I was a infant. My parents surrounded myself around all types of animals and have had 2+ dogs in the house on top of other animals. I have done dog watching/walking in middle and high school for friends and families. I pet sat for 3 pugs Monday-Friday and sometimes weekends for half of a year recently and also have done on call sitting for my friends and people off

My experience administering medication
I am comfortable administering medication since all my pets since I was younger have needed medication at one point or another. I have done all types of distributing medication from pill to application.

What Moriah needs to know about your dog

I would first ask about their temperament, history and interaction with people/animals. If its more than one dog, what type of breed the dog(s) are, medications and if there is any special precautions that need to be met while being around them. I have no preference on breed, I love all.

When Moriah cares for your dog in your home

Time I'll spend with your dog
It just all depends on my availability as well as your needs! It could be a all day thing to a few hour thing.

Extra house-sitting services
I'm willing to do most of any other chores that need to be done around the house including watering plants, brining in mail, cleaning, laundry and ect. All we would have to do is discuss times and price.

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Debra M.

February 7
Moriah has always been such a loving individual towards all forms of life. I feel as though she would benefit on this site due to her love for animals and her hard working ethics on life. I see how nurturing she is to her own animals on a daily basis and know what shes doing. I recommend her to anyone who needs a reliable source.

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