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About Annabelle (Annie)

Annabelle is a sweetheart. We adopted her after her owner passed away at 88. She's got a lot of spunk for an older gal! She gets along well with other dogs and doesn't show aggression unless a dog shows it towards her. Even still she is very timid. She is a barker though! Loves to bark when someone walks by the house or comes in! She will give anyone lots of kisses once she gets a chance to sniff you!

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 9 years, 9 mo. old
  • Weight: 16lbs
  • Breed: Coton de Tulear
  • Tracking Chip: Yes
  • Spayed: Yes
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Gets along with children: Yes
  • Gets along with other dogs: Yes
  • Gets along with cats: No
    Not sure!