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  • Maj is a 3 year, 2 mo. old Siberian Husky in SAN DIEGO, CA


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About Maj

Maj is a 3 year old husky -- he can be both rowdy if you play with him, but gentle if you expect it. He's newly adopted, loving and VERY gentle with dogs (he came from a family of children and 3 other dogs!), but experiences a ton of separation anxiety. We're working on crate training if that is something that feels important to you at some point! He LOVES to play with everyone. He is a SUB, not an Alpha. He lets dogs boss him around, but is never too scared to play or say hello. If they'll play, he'll play! He wears out after about 30 minutes of running, and an hour of dog park exercise / playing twice a day. His triggers: -- Anything food related -- Sometimes jealous if you give another dog attention, but will simply jump on you. Just ignore him.

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 3 years, 2 mo. old
  • Weight: 58lbs
  • Breed: Siberian Husky
  • Tracking Chip: Yes
  • Neutered: Yes
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Gets along with children: Yes
  • Gets along with other dogs: Yes
  • Gets along with cats: Yes

Special Requirements

Just keeping him in routine.