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Pogi is a grumpy old dog. He wasn't always old, but he has always been grumpy. I found him in the streets of Mexico City when I was studying abroad. He was sick, emaciated (13 lbs, now he's 30) , could not walk without resting, and had scars all over his back from other dogs biting him. Thus, he just doesn't trust other dogs. He also had 8 bad teeth that needed to be removed and this pain couldn't have helped his attitude. Pogi later became paralyzed in this rear legs, but recovered after treatment. He has arthritis and needs to take vitamins and glucosamine with chondroitin daily (you can hide it inside of cheese). He's a very picky eater. I give him quality kibble with home-cooked meat on top, but he often doesn't want to eat. If he goes a couple of days with out eating, don't worry. His hearing is not good, and his eyesight is worse. Make sure you make yourself known and that he knows you are going to pet him before you do so. If he is startled he will snap. Pogi looks like a toy or a lap dog, but he thinks he is a guard dog and takes his job pretty seriously XD. Loud cars, suspicious people, dogs, cats, a leaf - they all get his attention. He likes to be left to his own devices, mostly. Doesn't ask for much attention or petting. Commands: Sit Down (hates this because his front legs hurt) HupUp (Formerly Hop Up but got shortened over the years. He'll jump up on a chair if you pat it with your hand and use this command. Alternatively, he'll jump up to get a treat out of your fingers) Stay (he will only stay for 5 - 10 seconds) Excuse Me (if he is in your way) What is it!? (only convenient if you see a rat or other animal you want him to hunt and kill. He has killed 38 mice and rats. Only use this command in emergencies! Once you use it he will not stop looking until he finds something to hunt) Look (in this case, he only looks because he thinks there might be a rodent involved. If you want him to look at a toy, then you'll be sorely disappointed). Drop It (This only works sometimes because he rarely has anything in his mouth other than food). Pogi, are you ok? (If he falls you can say this and look at him. He'll smile and pant if he's fine. Sometimes he has something in his foot, in which case he'll start trying to pull off the burr. If this happens, I would say wait until he's done pulling it out. DO NOT help him. He has pain in his front legs and might snap at you if you touch them). Tough Situations Here are some situations to look out for where you'll need to be extra vigilant Company - Please tell people (especially kids) not to pet him. Some folks are dog people and can tell that he wants to be left alone, but most can't read dogs at all and run the risk of getting bit. Off-leash - Best to keep him on a leash. If he runs away - bring his leash before chasing him. Don't try to grab him without the leash or pick him up. He might snap. Instead, follow him with the leash, catch up with him, make sure he sees that you have the leash ("Pogi, Look" and shake the leash). Then put the leash on him. Uneven surfaces - Pogi has low quality motor control in the rear and loses his balance frequently. He's a good sport and won't get angry or cry if he falls.

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 13 years, 11 mo. old
  • Weight: 30lbs
  • Breed: Havanese
  • Tracking Chip: Yes
  • Neutered: Yes
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Gets along with children: No
  • Gets along with other dogs: No
    If the dogs are well socialized and can recognize that Pogi does not want to play or engage, then it will be fine.
  • Gets along with cats: Yes

Special Requirements

Needs vitamins and glucosamine daily (hidden in cheese).