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East amherst, NY

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About Marcia:

I am a dog lover who would care for your dogs like they are my own. I own a headstrong English Bulldog and an easy-going Pug. I am familiar with all sizes and personalities. My Pug has diabetes and my Bulldog has several allergies, so I'm experienced in administering medication. I can do eyes, ears, injections, etc. When you leave your pet with me, you will be worry free. I will give you daily updates.

My youngest daughter has moved for college, so I have more time now. What better way to spend than with your dogs.

Why I love dog sitting
I have been a dog lover all my life. I have owned dogs since I was five years old. I can't imagine living in a dog free home. I think being around dogs enhances everything.

My experience administering medication
Very. Currently, I am giving my dog injections of insulin. My other dog is taking two pills a day, getting ear drops twice aday, and being bathed twice a week with medicated shampoo. They keep me busy.

What Marcia needs to know about your dog

I would like to know what their personality is like, what they enjoy doing, what makes them feel calm and happy.

When Marcia cares for your dog in your home

Time I'll spend with your dog
Two to three hours, more if necessary.

Extra house-sitting services
Oh sure. I would be happy to do that.

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Abigail C.

September 11
Marcia watched my dogs when I went to a family wedding last year. I have two labs. She did a great job with them! My dogs loved her. One of my dogs, Goomba, can be a tough walker and very food aggressive. This was not a problem for Marcia. She handled it like a pro and Goomba really respects her.

Paula S.

September 11
Marcia is a devoted caretaker for her pets. She has a vast amount of knowledge regarding medical , nutritional and psychological needs of animals and she is the first person I call when I have questions regarding my cat. I wish I were so lucky to have someone like Marcia live near me , to care for my animals when away.

Jane L.

September 11

Allie J.

September 13
Marcia has many years of experience caring for dogs of various breeds, as well as other animals. She is capable of handling large, small, calm, and energetic dogs.

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