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Denton, TX

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Lorelei H. provides

Home Sitting

from $35 per night
NOTE: This sitter is away and may not respond to inquiries.

Traveling Sitting

50% response rate
Within a few days Sitter responds within a few days
Lorelei H.'s Skills
  • 2 Years Of Experience
Lorelei H.'s Home
  • House
  • Non-Smoking Household
  • Has 3 Dogs, No Other Pets
  • No Children
  • Dogs Not Allowed On Bed
  • Dogs Not Allowed On Furniture
About Lorelei:

Hi there! My name is Lorelei. I have experience in taking in dogs into my home. They will be treated very well and respected just like I do with two of my dogs. My dogs get along with any other animals.
No dog should be left alone at home. They will make new friends and have a great time being on vacation while you're a way having your vacation.

So, come-on and sign up. Your dog will show you how happy they were when you were away. They will thank you for not leaving them alone at home. ;)

About this sitter:
Do you have a busy schedule and need a sitter to care for your dog while you're at school, at work, out of town or going on vacation.

Well, look no further. I can help! I have experience in taking care dogs. Since, I have two dogs of my own and I know what it is like being stuck with no one to trust and count on to take care of your dog/dogs.

Just give me call and set up a schedule with me. I will be glad to be of service for you.

I have taken care medium size dogs in their home. Let them go out and potty, sniff around or just let them sit on the patio to enjoy the sun. I have taken a dog to the vet so she can get her vaccination shot. I'm a very caring person that adores animals that are very sweet, fun and likes to play.

Why I love dog sitting
Since I was 5 years old. I just love to play with them. Teach them to hear things for me. I observe them when they hear something and learn from them.

Meet my pets
I have a 1800 sq. ft home. With a huge front yard and a 7 acre lake with walking trails that is across the street in my community.

I have two dogs in my home. One is 2 years old and the other is 9 years old. They both get along with other dogs. They are not aggressive nor do they bite. They are very playful and loving dogs.

About my yard
My back yard is very small. My front yard is huge! I take the dogs to the lake and we go on a walking trail and let them explore or go to the dog park.

My experience administering medication
Yes, I am

What Lorelei needs to know about your dog

Are they friendly? What scares them? Can they get a long with other dogs? Do they have any allergies or allergic to any food? Are they afraid of thunder sounds? Do they sleep on their dog bed? It can be any kind of breeds.

When your dog stays in Lorelei's home

Here's where we'll take our walks
I have a 7 acre lake that has a walking trail and it is in my subdivision.

Your dog's sleeping arrangement
the dog can sleep in my room with his/her dog bed or in the 1st living room or the family room with other of my dogs. Just depends on how comfortable your dog is.

Time I'll spend with your dog
As long as your dog is not tired of spending so much with me :)

When Lorelei cares for your dog in your home

Time I'll spend with your dog
I plan to spend as much time as I can to make sure your dog gets the attention that he/she deserves and be well-rested at night.

Extra house-sitting services
I can bring in your mail, newspaper, water your plants, take the garbage out on garbage days.

This sitter accepts:

Maximum of 1 dog, from only one client at a time

Clients within: 20 miles (see map)
  • Small (0 - 15lbs)
  • Medium (16 - 40lbs)
  • Large (41 - 100lbs)
  • Giant (101lbs and above)
  • Dogs who can wait at least 2-4 hours between potty breaks
Cancellation Policy: Moderate

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Age: 10 years, 4 mo. old
Weight: 75 lbs.
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier, Beagle & Fox Terrier (Smooth)

Very quiet, very loving dog. Just loves to lay around and loves to eat. Gets along with other dogs very well.


Age: 4 years, 4 mo. old
Weight: 52 lbs.
Breed: Border Collie & Cardigan Welsh Corgi

She's very playful. Loves to fetch. Loves to be hugged and loved. She gets along with other dogs very well.


Age: 2 years, 1 mo. old
Weight: 1 lbs.
Breed: Chihuahua

He's a puppy

37 Reviews

Cherie C.

October 11


Cherie C.

August 31

Very good!

Cherie C.

August 24


Cherie C.

August 17


Cherie C.

August 10

Very happy with her care!

Cherie C.

July 21


Cherie C.

July 13


Very satisfied with her care.

Cherie C.

June 29

Wonderful! Great help

Cherie C.

June 22



Jan M.

December 4
If you are looking for someone who love animals and especially dogs, then Lorelei is the person you need. She will take special care with your dog and treat it like it was her very own. Whether it is sitting with your pet or just walking your pet, she is trustworthy and very good with animals.

Stella K.

December 28
Lorelei has boarded my dog while we were out of town. She sent pictures of Sundai everyday letting us know she's having fun, playing with Lorelei's dog and she's happy.I would definitely use her again.

Alyssa D.

December 28
Lorelei was amazing! I needed her last minute and without hesitation she emailed me back. She kept my dog so happy. She updated me with photos and texts throughout the day! My pup even broke a leash and and she bought her a new one :) She was prompt in answering all questions during the meet and greet. I would use her again in a heartbeat!

Stel N.

December 31
Thank you Lorelei for taking care of our Sundai We are so happy and grateful the way you handled her. She felt at home away from home. Thank Stella