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Lower East Side, Milwaukee, WI

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Lindsay K.'s Skills
  • First Aid/CPR
About Lindsay:

I've been the assistant manager and now also acting senior lead dog handler as well as overnight sitter at a cage-free dog daycare and boarding facility in Milwaukee for just shy of two years now. For those years I have been first aid and CPR certified for all animals thanks to the annual class I take offered by HAWS with Howard Schwartz (Wisconsin's #1 certified instructor in first aid, CPR, and basic life support for the American Red Cross and the National Safety Council). I have grown up with dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and fish my entire life and have now made it a point to make a career in pet sitting, dog handling, and continuing my education in these fields because it's what I have always seemed to naturally feel passionately for. I was a nanny for three years for a family of twins in Cedarburg, and that is what began my love for taking care of other people. I'm a natural nurturer, and I would love to share my love and talent for anyone looking for the helping hand.

My experience administering medication
I have been trained and certified on how to administer medications for two years now. I have also administered the bordetella vaccination to numerous dogs through the daycare/boarding facility I work for.

What Lindsay needs to know about your dog

No breed preferences or restrictions, as I have worked and trained most all breeds and mutts. As much information as you can provide me with about your dog to make their time with me the most comfortable is always appreciated. Common behaviors, any aggressive tendencies, any allergies I need to be aware of, what they may get possessive over that I should take note of, feeding schedules, favorite toys or spots of the house, how often time outside is needed, how often you normally take your dog for routine walks, and also how your dog behaves best in a car in case that is something we will need to utilize. How to medicate your specific dog is always helpful, as well as your rules and guidelines for how you would prefer they act at home (ie. no sitting/laying on furniture, no barking, yes or no to treats, etc)

When Lindsay cares for your dog in your home

Time I'll spend with your dog
As much, or as little that you would prefer me to be around your house is just fine with me. I do have a 30-40 hour work week each week at my job but am willing to come before, after, and even spend the night at your house if that is what you would prefer. I am really quite flexible and open when it comes to my schedule and availability.

Extra house-sitting services
Always willing to do extra tasks such as cleaning, errands, bringing in your mail, or tending to any other household activities/duties. I can always take your dog for walks, whether it be daily or otherwise noted. Additionally, if you need my services over a weekend, I can provide your dog with a free bath before you come back, on the house (but not in your house!).

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Rissa D.

March 3
After working with Lindsay for over a year at a cage free dog daycare, I can confidently say that she is your girl when it comes to animal care. She is highly educated in not only different breeds and temperaments of dogs, but also is skilled in animal behavior. She is very nurturing and treats every animal with respect. If you're looking for somebody who has these skills, look no further!

Aubrey B.

March 4
Lindsay is a wonderful dog handler. Whether your pet needs some extra work on obedience, exercise or just a lot of love, Lindsay will rise above and beyond expectations!

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