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Marietta, GA

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NOTE: This sitter is away and may not respond to inquiries.
Hannah S.'s Skills
  • First Aid/CPR
About Hannah:

Hi, I'm Hannah and I'm sort of new here. I moved to Georgia from Oregon last summer and have been a little lonely. I had to leave my own dogs behind with my parents. To fill that void I started pet sitting for friends and family while looking for a job. Who knew it would become a full time thing?

My rate is $25 per night PER HOUSEHOLD, not per dog. If you book with me I will modify the total to reflect that, and I often give discounts to clients that re-book with me in the future. However, if you require an overnight stay my fees are $25 per dog, up to a maximum of $50, no matter how many dogs you have.

Why I love dog sitting
My mom always told me stories of how I rode on the back of our husky when I was a baby. I had 3 dogs back home in Oregon of varying sizes - a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Rott mix named Tucker who is HUGE! and a medium sized mutt named Eddie, as well as a Chihuahua named Paco.

My friends and family all know that I am dog silly. Wherever we go I will point out dogs and am very excited when I am over at another person's house and am able to play with their pets.

My experience administering medication
Of course!

What Hannah needs to know about your dog

All of the important things such as feeding and sleeping arrangements, preferred vet, medicines, allergies, injuries, training and so on would be discussed during a meet & greet prior to the visit. I keep track of all relevant information in my schedules.

When Hannah cares for your dog in your home

Time I'll spend with your dog
That entirely depends on how much time you would like me to stay with your dog. An average visit would be around 30 min - 1 hr, but I am almost always willing and able to stay longer or even do overnights.

This sitter accepts:
Clients within: 7 miles (see map)
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4 Reviews

My puppies are always happy when I come home and she's been there. Great dog-sitter!

Kathleen M.

March 15

I will definitely use her services again! My dogs were happy when we came home. We have very playful and high energy dogs, and Hannah had no problem with them. She writes your instructions down which helps when you're our of town! You get peace of mind with Hannah!


Maddison P.

January 17

Sonya D.

January 30
Hannah is awesome with our dog, Jake. She regularly picks him up for trips to the dog park, and he gets so excited when he sees her at the door. Jake is a treasured part of our family, so it's wonderful to see Hannah treat him with the same love, patience, and care that she has with our four year old!