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100% response rate Sitter responds to all requests within 24 hours
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George E.'s Skills
  • 50 Years Of Experience
George E.'s Home
  • House
  • Fenced Yard
  • Non-Smoking Household
  • Has No Dogs
  • No Children
  • Dogs Allowed On Bed
  • Dogs Allowed On Furniture
About George:

Dedicated loving care for your small dog in our single story Rancho Penasquitos home. We are located on a quiet street in a quiet neighborhood and have a fenced yard for pets to play in.

The Bijou story:
Bijou was a four pound toy poodle and was part of our family for fifteen years. Finding someone to care for Bijou on the rare occasions when we had to travel and could not take him with us was always an issue. As Bijou grew older the problem became worse, he was accustomed to being at home with us and would be traumatized whenever he had to spend time in a kennel. Having a pet sitter check on him during the day was not acceptable because he did not like strangers in his house (we weren’t too keen on it either) and he did not like being alone.

When Bijou passed away we thought about getting another pet but decided we didn’t want to deal with the boarding issue when we had to travel. Then we thought there must be plenty of other small dog owners who have the same temporary pet care problem, and that is how our custom pet care idea was born.

We have been small dog owners (miniature and toy poodles) for more than 40 years. We are keenly aware of the special needs of smaller dogs and are cautious when they are in our care. Your pet will get supervised exercise outside but will be protected from aggressive animals and predators at all times.

About this sitter:
Retired couple with lots of experience with small dogs. Let us pamper your pet while you are away, your pet will appreciate it.

Why I love dog sitting
We both grew up with dogs as pets and have had them for most of our married lives. Our first pet together was Tony, a black miniature poodle that joined our family on Valentine's Day 1963. After Tony we had Danny, a champagne toy poodle who was the childhood pet of our two children. After the children left the nest and Danny passed we had Biojou, a very small apricot toy (teacup) poodle. Bijou enriched our lives for fifteen years before he passed. The reason we have not replaced Bijou is explained in our profile as "the Bijou story".

About my yard
We have a small fenced back yard that is mostly concrete but there is a small flea free artificial grass potty area as well. The yard has plenty of space for smaller dogs to exercise and it is designed to be easily cleaned.

My experience administering medication
Sure but we would prefer to care for well animals and would prefer to only administer maintenance medication. It is not that we are uncomfortable administering medication but more that we are concerned with maintaining a healthy environment for future client's pets.

What George needs to know about your dog

We pretty much like all dogs but prefer to care for the smaller Toy and Teacup breeds (that don't do well being boarded in a Kennel). We prefer not to care for aggressive dogs or those with a history of being overly destructive.

When your dog stays in George's home

Here's where we'll take our walks
We live on a quiet street and your dog may be taken for walks during the day when other dogs are not around. We want to limit your dog's exposure to larger and possibly aggressive dogs so we will not walk it in parks or take it to a dog park.

Your dog's sleeping arrangement
We try to provide a comfortable and secure environment for your dog to sleep in. If your dog is crate trained they may feel more secure sleeping in their own crate but if they are accustomed to sleeping on your bed and they feel comfortable on our bed that is fine too. We observe the dog and they usually let us know what they prefer.

Time I'll spend with your dog:
Your dog will live in our home with us and be continually part of our activities. We will spend frequent times playing with your pet and accompanying them outside for exercise but generally they will be allowed free access while we go about our daily activities.

This sitter accepts:

Maximum of 3 dogs, from multiple clients at a time

  • Small (0 - 15lbs)
  • Medium (16 - 40lbs)
  • Large (41 - 100lbs)
  • Giant (101lbs and above)
  • Accepts puppies
  • Dogs who can wait at least 0-2 hours between potty breaks

This sitter does not accept:

  • Unspayed females
  • Non-neutered males
  • Females who are in heat
Cancellation Policy: Flexible

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47 Reviews

Eileen B.

April 23

George and Kay are so kind and lil guy was happy and adjusted perfectly!

George's response

April 23

Thank you, Colonel Klink was a wonderful guest, an energetic puppy but loving and wonderful just the same. George & Kay

Beth S.

March 28

Bell's first stay with George and Kay went very well. When I picked her up she seemed very content and happy. I have already booked another stay with George and Kay!

George's response

March 29

Thank you for the review, Bella is a very loving pup and a joy to have in our home, we are looking forward to her next stay. George & Kay

Beverley B.

March 24

Once again so very happy with George and Kay for taking such good care of our Gus. They sent pictures and updates and were so wonderful!!!

George's response

March 25

Thank you for the kind review and especially for the Macadamia nuts. Gus is such a character and we look forward to his visits. George & Kay

Janine P.

March 24

George and Kay took excellent care of our dogs. They sent us text messages to give us updates on how they were doing and when I came to pick the dogs up I could tell they were well taken care of.

George's response

March 25

Thank you Janine, Rambo and Kimba are such lovable pups we really enjoyed their visit. We look forward to seeing them again. George & Kay

Gina K.

March 17

Kaya had a great time with George and Kay! It was my first time using a dog sitter besides my parents and of course, I was nervous about how my dog would react but it was like going to grandma and grandmas house! Thank you, George and Kay, for taking such good care of my Kaya!

George's response

March 25

Thank you for the review, we enjoyed Kaya's visit and look forward to seeing her again. George & Kay

Another wonderful stay with George and Kay! Loved the updates with the pictures they sent us.

George's response

March 25

Thank you for the review, we always love having Bronx come for a visit, he is such a lovable little character. George & Kay

Carol M.

March 9

George and Kay were excellent with our dogs. They updated us during our trip which made us feel so comfortable with our choice in dog sitters. Our dogs were treated so well and were happy. We will be booking with them again soon!

George's response

March 14

Thank you for the great review, we really enjoyed Ruby and Carly and can hardly wait for their next visit. George & Kay

Xin J.

February 20

George & Kay are such nice people and they are great with dogs. They waited up for us to pick up our dog after 10 pm when our flight was delayed for couple of hours. They even gave our dog a bath. Would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a caring dog sitter.

George's response

February 25

Thank you for the wonderful review.

Levi R.

February 17

Could not have been happier with George and Kay. They were so friendly and responsive, but most importantly they took great care of our little yorkie. We are already looking forward to Liko's next stay!

George's response

February 25

Thank you for your review, we adore Liko.

Christina P.

January 25

Another great stay with George and Kay! They were so helpful with accommodating our little one over the New Year. I was able to enjoy my birthday at ease knowing Bronx was in their care.

George's response

February 10

Thank you for the vote of confidence, we love taking care of Bronx. George & Kay


Toni C.

July 9

Karen D.

August 9