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  • Duncan is a 2 year, 3 mo. old Mixed in Houston, TX


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About Duncan

There is an answer to the question that has been asked since the dawn of time: “who is a good boy” and the answer to that question is Duncan. Being the epitome of good boy, Duncan is a sweetheart with every dog, person, child, and fly he has ever met. As he is a lab mix, he loves getting wet, fetching sticks, and rolling around in the mud. Duncan is very friendly, loves cuddling, and has a happy-go-lucky approach to life. After meeting Duncan, you will never have to wonder again who is a good boy.

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 2 years, 3 mo. old
  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • Breed: Mixed
  • Tracking Chip: Yes
  • Neutered: Yes
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Gets along with children: Yes
    Duncan has met just a few kids, but has been very sweet to them as he loves any attention he can get.
  • Gets along with other dogs: Yes
    Duncan LOVES any dog he can meet and play with. He may overdo it sometimes not knowing how to contain his excitement, but Duncan just wants to play with every dog he can get his paws on. There has not been one dog Duncan has met that he hasn’t gotten along with. The more the merrier is Duncan’s motto when it comes to meeting new buddies.
  • Gets along with cats: Yes
    Duncan may be a big dog, but is afraid of cats.

Special Requirements

Please only give Duncan the treats we provide as his stomach is very sensitive.