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Federal Way, WA

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About Courtney:

I am a Kennel Assistant at chambers creek veterinary hospital. My goal is to eventually go to Vet. Tech school and become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. I have a Black Lab named Albert and I love him to death!
I live in Federal Way, but I work in Lakewood. I also spend a lot of time in Graham, Spanaway, Tacoma, Puyallup, Auburn, and Roy.
I am not limited to just dog sitting, tell me what other pets or needs you have and I can happily accommodate you!

I am NOT set on my pricing!! I am not here to brake your bank, just to lend a helping hand!
Some situations may result in a lower price, and some may result in more.

I have always been a pet owner and I am also a Kennel Assistant.

Why I love dog sitting
I am 20 years old, so for about 20 years! I have always owned dogs and I recently became an Assistant at a veterinary hospital.

What Courtney needs to know about your dog

I need to know whether or not your dog (or cat) is a caution animal. I handle caution animals everyday, and I am comfortable doing so, but getting to know the animal before-hand helps me.

When Courtney cares for your dog in your home

Time I'll spend with your dog
I work one of two shifts at Chambers Creek, either 6a - 1p or 11a to 6:30p. if I work in the morning then I would stop in around 4:30 to 5 am to let out the pets, check water, and feed. then I would return at about 1 - 2pm to check water, feed, and take dog for a 1/2 to hr long walk. then I would return around 7pm - 9pm to do a final check on pets. If I am scheduled an afternoon shift then I would come in around 8am check the water, feed, and then do a 1/2hr to hour long walk. then I would return around 7pm - 8pm to do a final check on the pets and house. I could also rearrange my schedule to your needs!

Extra house-sitting services
Of course! I could water plants, bring in mail, and even do some chores.

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