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About Sierra and Maisy

  • Sierra is a 8 year, 2 mo. old Miniature Australian Shepherd in Austin, TX
  • Maisy is a 4 year, 2 mo. old Border Collie in Austin, TX


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About Sierra

Sierra is such a cuddly fuzz-butt! I rescued her at age 1. She is getting on in years, but don't let those cat naps fool you... she can be quite the herder when she wants to be! Her favorite game is chase with her younger (but bigger) sister, Maisy. The girls love to run around the yard after each other, but everyone knows that mommy's lap is base.

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 8 years, 2 mo. old
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd
  • Tracking Chip: No
  • Spayed: Yes
  • House Trained: Yes
    If it is particularly hot out, or it is raining, Sierra needs convincing to go outside. She will not whine or tell you in any way she needs to go out--just walk outside with her and tell her to "go potty."
  • Gets along with children: No
    She has never bitten, but she becomes agitated and stressed. Once she becomes scared, it is difficult to get her out of whatever hiding place she has found, or to calm down in general.
  • Gets along with other dogs: No
    She's getting cranky in her age, and loves to just snuggle hoomans.
  • Gets along with cats: No
    She's a big push-over. I am more concerned for Sierra than I am the cat.

About Maisy

Maisy is a gangly mess of energy! She is our latest rescue (found under a porch during freezing sleet by Duck Team 6 with 10 other brothers; she's the only female from her litter). Maisy loves to romp and play, and has never met a stranger! She is also very cuddly, and loves to sleep on the bed with the humans. She still thinks she's 6 inches long and 10 pounds, so don't be surprised if she flops (yes-flops) on your lap or stomach. Keep her entertained with walks, training, tugs, or fetch, and she will be your best friend!

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 4 years, 2 mo. old
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Breed: Border Collie
  • Tracking Chip: No
  • Spayed: Yes
  • House Trained: Yes
    She will stand by the door or whine if she needs to go out. If she does not do one of those things, it is safe to let her out every 4 hours just in case. She will often whine just to be outside.
  • Gets along with children: No
    Once upon a time she was great with kids, but after an incident where a particularly friendly child ran up and scared her, she's very leary of them. She is not aggressive, but she will definitely give "warning barks" that sound very scary.
  • Gets along with other dogs: Yes
    Small dogs--she will be very shy around larger dogs.
  • Gets along with cats: No
    She has not been exposed to cats, so I am unsure.

Special Requirements

Maisy is easy to love. She's very sweet, and just needs lots of opportunities to play! Watch her paws though--her claws scratch hard.