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Austin, TX

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Charlene P. provides

Home Sitting

from $22 per night

Traveling Sitting

66% response rate Sitter responds to most requests within 24 hours
Around an hour Sitter responds in around an hour
Charlene P.'s Skills
  • 15 Years Of Experience
  • Oral Medication Administration
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Senior Dog Experience
  • Special Needs Dog Experience
  • Can provide daily exercise
Charlene P.'s Home
  • House
  • Fenced Yard
  • Non-Smoking Household
  • Has 3 Dogs, No Other Pets
  • No Children
  • Dogs Not Allowed On Bed
  • Dogs Not Allowed On Furniture
About Charlene:

My home is a dog friendly home with lots of hugs and massages that all dogs seem to love.
You can be assured that your pet will be spoiled while visiting our home.
I am grandma to 8 dogs, 3 cats, and 4 horses.

My pom, Lil'One crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, October 2014 at age 12+ after making 100's of people smile as she was pink and we shared throughout Austin about Breast Cancer Awareness. She even made centerfold in our Austin Pet's Alive magazine, June 2014. Lil'One had Congenital Heart Failure and with this knowledge I have learned how to take care of hospice dogs until the end and I am willing to take care of dogs in all stages of their lives.
About this sitter:
I was raised out in the country and have had many wonderful pets over the years.
Dogs, cats, rabbit's, gerbil's, rat, finch, lovebirds, cockatiel, cockatoo, and macaw. I am presently learning about horses.
I have been practicing a holistic approach to healing our pets and use natural products with my pets.
When necessary, I believe in going to the vet and following the doctor's directions.
I am very responsible when it comes to taking care of pets and I am ready to serve South Austin as I live in 78744 zip-code.

I have worked as a Pet demo-person for over 5 years at PetsMart and I have talked with many pet parent's about the needs and care of a pet. I am very knowledgable on pet food and most products.

I take care, Shaggy a lab/pit mix with a skin condition on an on going basis with deep massage's and holistic medicine. He is responding very well and I expect a full recovery. Shaggy is an emotional support animal and therefore is a working dog. I understand the needs of a support animal in that they are usually trained to do their "job" and that I need to take that into consideration when I am around them.

I play with, Azuri, an Aussie because she is so full of energy at age 3 and needs a playmate to stay out of trouble because she too is a working dog only in a defferent class.

I would love to take care of your pet's and your home as I take my job very seriously.

I am sure that you will be please 100% on the care I will give to your pet.

I will even take a picture of your pet while you are away and text it to you each day if you wish.

Why I love dog sitting, I have been a pet lover my entire life and have been involved with dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, farm animals. I believe this knowledge and working at PetsMart helps me to better understand the different breeds and their special needs.

Pets I live with:
Molly, is an 8 year old, Jack Russell who is shy but loves a good run.
Winston, 1 year old, Blue Heeler/Lab who I am training and fostering while his father is in prison. He is very excited about life.

About my yard
Privacy back yard with wood fence. Small dog pool. Learning on how to train dogs and am very excited.

My experience administering medication
I prefer to give medication with Pill Pockets although a slice of cheese will work.
When I come for the "Meet and Greet Time" is when I will have you show me your style of giving meds to your pet.

What Charlene needs to know about your dog

I prefer to have a "Meet and Greet" time before my schedule time(at no extra cost to you) with your pet to get to know you and your style of feeding and taking care of your pet. It is important to me that you have peace of mind while you are away from your home and pet's.
I want the pet parent to be honest with me about their pet's temperment. (whine, jumps, fearful, run away, like new adults, show's aggression, ever bitten anyone, hides, barker, darts, are you the first owner, adopted.....)

Is your pet up to date on rabies?
Is your pet up to date on other shots?
Need to know of all health issues?
Any fleas?

When your dog stays in Charlene's home

Here's where we'll take our walks
Depends on the dog. At this time I would decide if there was enough play in the back yard or to take the dog on a walk in a strange neighborhood.

Your dog's sleeping arrangement
I am a stay at home mom and I prefer if you can bring the dogs bed. If you cannot the dog would be happy if you could bring a t-shirt that you slept in so they can smell you. I have different sheepskins and throw rugs around the house and your dog can choose where to sleep, but it is usually around me and my studio.

Time I'll spend with your dog
How much time I spend with your dog depends on the temperament of your dog. I will be the perfect host for the personality of your dog. Wanna play...let's play. Wanna sleep..then sleep. Need a massage...let me know

This sitter accepts:

Maximum of 1 dog, from only one client at a time

Clients within: 5 miles (see map)
  • Small (0 - 15lbs)
  • Medium (16 - 40lbs)
  • Large (41 - 100lbs)
  • Giant (101lbs and above)
  • Accepts puppies
  • Dogs who can wait at least 0 to 2 hours between potty breaks
  • Dogs who can wait at least 2-4 hours between potty breaks
Cancellation Policy: Moderate

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Age: 11 years, 5 mo. old
Weight: 6 lbs.
Breed: Pomeranian

Lil'One is my very best pet. She has been with me since she was 8 weeks old.
She is pink because I try to remind women to get there breast examined because I am a firm believer in taking care of our pets and ourselves.


Age: 9 years, 5 mo. old
Weight: 80 lbs.
Breed: Labrador Retriever

Shaggy is a lab/pit mix and he is an Emotional Support Animal for my daughter.
He has his own special needs because he has a skin problem that I treat holistically and he enjoys the extra attention he gets.


Age: 3 years, 4 mo. old
Weight: 35 lbs.
Breed: Australian Shepherd

Azura, is a fun loving energetic dog. She loves her daily massage and tries to please. If you have a frisbee she will love to jump and catch it.


Charle Rose P.

December 6

Edward M.

December 7
Hello, I was called to an medical meeting in Dallas on a very short notice. A friend recommend to Charlene pet sitting service an I was very happy with the service. I liked that they sent me an photo of my pet eating every day to my phone. I will no doubt use their service again! Eddie M.

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