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Fremont, Seattle, WA

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About Callie:

I grew up in rural montana with cats, dogs, horses, a guinea pig, and a cow. I'm a senior at the University of Washington. Since I don't have my pets in Seattle, I would love to spend my free time playing with pets!

Why I love dog sitting
I have grown up with dogs my entire life. My first dog was a great dane mix that weighed about 130 pounds. When she was about 1 year old my family got a second dog. Both our dogs lived until they were about 15 years old. Now we have three dogs at home in Montana. Two are mixed large breed dogs that we got from the pound. The third is a newfoundland and about 130 pounds. I am very comfortable with large breed dogs. My aunt, a labradoodle breeder, currently has a mini labradoodle as a pet (she is in the photo with me). I love cuddling with her and watching her play with my aunts' two black german shepherds.

My experience administering medication
Yes I am comfortable administering medication. My first dog, in her later years, had very bad arthritis and hip dysplasia which she took medication for. Living in rural montana we often gave our dogs, horses, and cats some of their vaccinations. I am wilderness emt certified, therefore I comfortable in urgent situations and have experience administering medications.

What Callie needs to know about your dog

I don't have any breed preferences, I love all types of dogs. I would like to know if the dog has any special needs. Also I think it is important to know a dogs habits. Maintaining a schedule that the dog is used to is helpful for keeping them comfortable and happy. I love playing with dogs so I would also like to know their favorite activities and toys.

When Callie cares for your dog in your home

Time I'll spend with your dog
As a University of Washington student I am in classes during the day. I would like to spend time after school playing with them for a couple hours in addition to feedings and just relaxing with them each day.

Extra house-sitting services
Yes, I am willing to do additional tasks.

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22 Reviews

The whole transaction was super easy and Callie was super responsive and I could tell that my dogs were well loved while I was gone.

Jan T.

April 23

I felt very comfortable leaving my older dog with Callie for a week - even though my dog has some quirks which I find challenging at times, Callie seemed totally unfazed by my dog, & even charmed by her eccentricities. I felt that my dog & my home were totally safe in her care. Thank you, Callie!

Christy V.

April 16

Callie did a great job with Dizzy. She was enthusiastic about him. Dizzy was happy when my husband got home. The house was just as we left it. We have already booked her again for another trip.

Darby Y.

April 7

Callie was great. She came to my house before the trip to get all the details and meet the dogs. The dogs were healthy and happy when we got home. My neighbor said she saw Callie out with the dogs playing. We will definately use Callie again.

Rick D.

March 27

Lucky seemed to be very comfortable with Callie from the beginning, which is not always the case with him. It seems they had a nice time together, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend callie very highly. Thanks rover, for another successful experience.

Kelly F.

June 28

She's great!

Callie did a great job! On-time, responsive, responsible, super sweet girl. Looking forward to hiring her again.

Another awesome stay with Callie!

Callie was an absolute 5!!! We have never left Charlie for more than a few days, so needless to say I was mildly worried about him. Callie not only took excellent care of Charlie, she sent me updates and pictures to let me know how he was doing. I would highly recommend Callie services to anyone :)

Anh N.

March 12

She showed up on time, followed up via texts. Sent photos when asked. Nice personality.


Jenny T.

September 29