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About Ashley:

Hey there! Would you want your dog in great hands, getting much needed exercise and love? Well you have came to the right girl. Not only do I walk your dog but he/she gets to enjoy great walks in the park, Yummy doggy treats when they're good and lots of toys! If you need a reliable sitter look no further.

I have a 2yr old Dorgi (dachshund/corgi) at home named Milo. I also have 2 two year domestic shorthair cats Phern and Phoebe. I have volunteered with animals and worked at petco.

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Age: 4 years, 6 mo. old
Weight: 24 lbs.
Breed: Cardigan Welsh Corgi & Dachshund

Milo is a fun loving energetic dog. He loves to play with his toys and hang out at the doggy part. His favorite place to visit is Petco. He loves to see all the other dogs and enjoy the treats the associates give him. He is a mixed dacshund/corgi, in which ppl call a Dorgi. He is my baby boy and I love him!

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