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  • Keats is a 1 year, 1 mo. old PitBull Mix in Madison, AL


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About Keats

She is a high-energy pit-bull mix, extremely friendly, and needs A LOT of attention and exercise.

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 1 year, 1 mo. old
  • Weight: 25lbs
  • Breed: PitBull Mix
  • Tracking Chip: No
  • Spayed: False
  • House Trained: Yes
    Still struggling with this some. Rarely pees inside but will poop inside if not taken out 4-5 times a day.
  • Gets along with children: Yes
    I always hold her collar or pick her up while small children are petting her because she will jump at times.
  • Gets along with other dogs: Yes
    She is slightly annoying to calmer dogs, constantly prodding them to play and pay her attention, but she never shows signs of aggression and LOVES to play with any dog she meets.
  • Gets along with cats: Yes
    Not aggressive towards cats, but will annoy most of them due to being very curious about them. She will back away if the cat hisses or yowls.