Dog Boarding Tips

Rover.com is a community of dog lovers that care for each other's dogs as if they were our own. To ensure a safe and happy experience for our pups, we ask that our community stand by these golden rules.

  • Be Thorough

    Accurately represent your dog. Be specific about his or her needs and behavioral characteristics. Provide your dog sitter with a list of emergency contact information including yourself, your dog's veterinarian, and local family or friends.

  • Communicate

    Confirm pick-up & drop-off times after booking. Contact Rover immediately if you encounter something unexpected.

  • Stay With Us

    Be careful if a dog sitter encourages you to communicate or exchange money off the site. Rover.com will always do everything we can to ensure safety and fairness for you and your pup, but we can only do that if we have a record of your communication with your sitter.

  • Respect the Rover Cancellation Policy

    If you need to cancel your Rover.com reservation, contact us. The amount you will be refunded depends on when you cancel and the type of cancellation policy your sitter has in place.

    See our Help Center for more details.

  • Review

    Leave feedback for your dog sitter. They appreciate it and so do we!

  • Be Transparent

    Accurately represent your home and services. Be upfront about pricing, services, and expectations.

  • Respond

    Promptly reply to messages & reservation requests. Your reviews will thank you.

  • Use Rover.com for Cashless Transactions

    Rover.com will always do everything we can to ensure you are accurately compensated for your services, even in the event of a cancellation, but we can only do that if we have a record of your communication with a dog owner. Keep all your communication and transactions on Rover.com.

  • Uphold Reservations

    A reservation is a commitment. Dog owners depend on you for an important part of their travels, so please honor that. In emergencies, contact us.

  • Emergency Contact

    Be prepared for an emergency. Always have a list of people you can call for each dog in your care.

  • Ask for Testimonials

    Help the Rover community get to know you better by asking for testimonials from people who know about your dog sitting experiences.

  • Review

    Leave feedback for the pup in your care. His or her owner will appreciate it and so do we!