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2015-05-28 17:57:57 -0500 asked a question How do YOU advertise?

I'm trying to get ideas on how people here advertise. Other than Craigslist, what do YOU personally do to advertise?

Note: Just to be clear, I'm not asking HOW to advertise, I'd just like to see how OTHERS advertise besides using Craigslist to get ideas (the more creative the better)

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2015-05-28 17:05:40 -0500 commented question Why do dogs eat cat poop?

I've never had this happen except in one instance with a beagle. The beagle has been the ONLY one to ever try that, not sure why

2015-05-28 17:01:54 -0500 commented question THIS is why Rover.com is a blessing...

Christ, that was disgusting to watch