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Hi folks!

We just adopted a second dog into our home - a five-year old corgi, Dodge. We already have an 18-month old terrier mix, Roxy, and decided to get our second as he is a very well-adjusted dog and could both be a calming influence for Roxy as well as companionship for her, eventually, when we're out at work.

We are experiencing issues where they will be playing nicely and Roxy will suddenly take exception to something and it becomes a spat. I'm having a hard time correctly identifying the more subtle signs of things escalating - can anyone give advice on what I should be looking for? I want to make sure I'm intervening before things get too heated, but equally I don't want to break things up unnecessarily because that will interfere with them bonding.

I think Roxy is probably feeling insecure - she is very strongly bonded to both me and my husband - so I want to help her feel more comfortable and set them both up for the best chance of a successful relationship. We are having a training session with our trainer next week but any tips to help us out before then are appreciated!

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2016-09-06 13:05:32 -0500 asked a question How to prepare (rescue) puppy for first vacation?

Hi there!

Any tips on preparing my 9 month old puppy for her first extended stay away from home? I am going on vacation for 6 nights and she is staying with people she knows and loves - they are actually her foster parents from rescue, who adore her. My one concern is that she had previously been returned to them when her first adoption didn't work out, so I don't want her to think I'm abandoning her.

What can I do to make her comfortable and happy? I'm planning on providing them her crate and bed, food bowls, etc, along with some clothes that smell like me. Anything else?



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Thank you for your two cents! It makes me feel better to know I'm not alone. Last night I had her follow me around while I was doing chores about the house and generally just watched her v closely, plus regular trips outside. No inside peeing last night, so fingers crossed that continues :)

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I'd heard of that before. We've been going to puppy training class and such so it could be a "puppy brain fart". Going to keep strongly praising when she goes outside and watch her like a hawk! Thank you for the advice :)

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2016-06-07 12:15:45 -0500 asked a question Help! Puppy peeing inside - but only when I am home?

Hi there,

My husband and I adopted our terrier/dachshund mix a few months ago - she is now 6 months old. We were told she was completely house-trained and until now she has been extremely good. I am gone 10 hours a day, so I have a dog walker come in during the day to let her out for a potty break and take her round the block. She gets a 45 minute walk in the morning and either another 45 minute walk or dog park time in the evening, plus I throw a ball for her down the hallway of my apartment block a few times as well :)

When I take her out to do her business she knows "tiddle tiddle" is the command for peeing, and "go potty" for pooping. We are pretty close to having her go on command.

However, the last few days she has started peeing in our living room, but only when I'm home. We have all-hard flooring so I feel I would spot it if she was going at other times. She has "picked a spot" which I covered with the coffee table today and I'm going to pick up some Nature's Miracle to deodorize it so it isn't marked. My other plans are to make more frequent potty breaks for her in the evenings, and to possibly confine her to my kitchen/bedroom/entrance area (sealing off the living room) when I'm not home, as that is mostly tile. What else would folks suggest?

I am really stressed out about this as I've been dealing with a number of behavioural issues that I've worked through, but I'm absolutely not equipped to housebreak a puppy. My work are not comfortable with frequent remote working so I am gone too long, my husband is currently deployed, and I can't afford to have someone come in multiple times a day. I don't want to have to rehome her but I am worried I may have to if I'm not able to fix this. Willing to try anything!