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2019-04-09 18:25:46 -0500 asked a question How do I stop my dog from crying all night long?

Hey guys! My 8 month old puppy cries all night long and I don't know how to make her stop!


I got her when she was 10 weeks old and I have/had already trained her to sleep in her crate. She did this for months with barely an issue. She would cry occasionally, but mostly she just went to bed. I took her to stay at my moms one weekend and I didn't have her crate, so I let her sleep in the bed with me. (I know, bad call on my part.) Now I can't get her to sleep in her crate at all! She wants in the bed with me and she cries ALL NIGHT LONG until she gets her way. I've tried ignoring her. She doesn't stop. Literally doesn't stop all night long. I've tried various sleepy time spray/supplements. No effect. Shirt with my scent? Didn't help. White noise machine? Just made her whine louder.

I know it's my fault for letting her in the bed with me, but this is starting to affect my everyday life. I need some sleep! Does anyone have any ideas on how to get her back on track? I don't know if this matters, but she does stay in a pen 3 days during the work week while I'm at work and at doggie daycare the other two days. We are working on her getting her freedom during the day, but she just isn't quite there yet.