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2018-10-29 02:20:28 -0500 commented question My GSD has nervous aggression. Trainer helped with getting past people but dogs he is awful. What can i do?

It sounds like he needs work with a behavioralist and or trainer. Our friends in Los Angeles have similar behavior issues with their GSD. They've been working with Zen Dogs ( with improvement. If you live in LA, consider reaching out to them (or for referrals in your area

2018-10-29 02:20:27 -0500 commented answer How do you give the walkers your keys?

Rover sends free lock boxes. I use this to leave my keys for the walkers/sitters.

2018-10-29 02:20:24 -0500 commented question Can I crate my dog day?

Hm, I think I would have a dog walker come by mid day to break up the 8 hour crating. 8 hours is on the long end. I'd consider hiring a dog walker until you can trust him to roam free in your home.

2018-10-29 02:20:21 -0500 answered a question I have a new rescue. He has poop accidents at night in crate. How can this be corrected?

We crate trained our puppy. We'd go for long walks prior to each crating session (either for 2-3 hours during the day time, or overnight) to ensure bladder and bowels are empty. We did heavy rewarding of bladder/bowel emptying outside, and no reaction (positive or negative) of accidents inside or in the crate. We do control access to crate (ie door is closed unless we let her in) and each time she goes in crate, we give positive reinforcement in form of food. We also feed exclusively in crate. This tells her that the crate is her safe + happy space.