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2018-11-19 20:49:47 -0500 answered a question Need help finding a good dog breed?

Akita may look like cute and cuddly giants, but they are also great guard dogs. This large breed is known for being extremely loyal and loves human companionship. According to the American Kennel Club, they also have a deep desire to protect those they love, and they can be incredibly courageous in doing so.

Akitas can show aggression and hesitation around strangers, which makes them great for protecting your family. But, they rarely show the same kind of aggression around people they know and love. In fact, they’re one of the best family dogs because they are so protective and loyal. They’ll happily play with kids and show affection to people they know and care about. These giants offer the best of both worlds when it comes to a protective, yet gentle dog breed. https://www.petcarrierverdict.com/loyal-and-protective-dog-breeds/ (https://www.petcarrierverdict.com/loy...) I used to have an akita... they are great with kids...but are very loyal and protective, with minimal shedding

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2018-07-27 10:00:42 -0500 commented answer What to do if an owner takes something and wont give it back?

I was thinking about giving her a discount for her next stay. i just felt bad since it seemed like i couldn't get it back.

2018-07-27 09:58:37 -0500 commented answer What to do if an owner takes something and wont give it back?

i tried calling as well. They still haven't answered though.

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2018-07-26 19:57:09 -0500 asked a question What to do if an owner takes something and wont give it back?

I accidentally mixed up 2 leashes when giving an owner back her dog and his belongings. i realized later that day that i had given her the wrong leash and that she had another owners(they both looked very similar). I immediately messaged back the lady and told her of my mistake....she wont message me back and it has been a few days now.

2018-06-23 16:34:05 -0500 answered a question Please help! I am about to lose all my animals. Is there anyone who will do long term boarding with an unsure end date?

I live in Virginia, but I had the same situation happen to me years ago with my cat. My heart goes out to you, I completely understand your situation. I could always feed Olive my dogs food and you pay her vet bills if they should arise. I typically charge 20 to 25 a day for dog boarding but we can set up a lower cost payment plan, such as only $65 a week? As long as she is good around other dogs,(I have 2 small Shelties) I wouldn't mind an arrangement like this.

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