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2017-02-24 12:24:05 -0500 answered a question What do I do if my dog has worms?

There are many types of intestinal parasites that affect pets. Of course, the best thing to do would be to take your pup to the vet for a fecal test and deworming! The two most common worms that are visualized in stool are tapeworms and roundworms. Tapeworms are from ingesting fleas, and look like pieces of rice when they are excreted. If you see these kind of worms, make sure to get your pup on some good flea control and they will need a deworming with praziquantel. Roundworm is another type of worm that is common and most puppies are born with them (they get it from their mama). These appear like spaghetti in the stool, and you would need to deworm your pup with the active ingredient pyrantel. Hope this help!

2017-02-23 16:30:22 -0500 answered a question my dog ate chocolate, what should I do?

The most important thing to consider when a pup eats chocolate is: how much and what kind. Dark chocolate (especially baking chocolate) is incredibly toxic and if your pet ingested this type of chocolate I would take him/her to the vet immediately. Dark chocolate is less toxic, but again if a very large quantity is ingested I would be concerned. Also, be mindful of other ingredients that may also be in the chocolate that are toxic- such as xylitol (fake sugar), macadamia nuts, or raisins. If xylitol was ingested, the pet needs to be rushed to the emergency room. Vomiting can be induced with hydrogen peroxide if the chocolate was ingested in the past ~30 minutes. The best thing to do would always be to take to a local veterinarian for advise.

2017-02-23 12:46:09 -0500 answered a question Why does my dog lick her feet?

If your pet is constantly licking their feet, I would highly suspect he/she has allergies. This is a very common sign of allergies! The culprit can be either environmental or food allergies. I would definitely recommend a visit to the vet- there are different medications/wipes that can help with this behavior!

2017-02-23 12:43:21 -0500 answered a question Why wont my dog eat?

Unfortunately, some dogs are just not food motivated and can skip meals. If this is a new behavior and you notice any other signs, such as vomiting/diarrhea/lethargy I would recommend taking him to the vet. Also, if you are not transitioning his food gradually, a sudden food change can cause some GI upset, so try to gradually transition over a 2 week period.

2017-02-23 12:38:47 -0500 answered a question How should I shower a puppy?

I think the tub or sink is fine depending on the size of the dogs! Puppies have a harder time regulating their temperature, so make sure to dry them off well after their bath! If a puppy, make sure to use puppy shampoo. Keep it fun and positive with treats and love if the pup is nervous about their bath!

2017-02-23 12:08:37 -0500 answered a question Why does my dog eat crap?

Dogs sometimes eat food because they like it and it tastes good! This is called coprophagia and it is very common. In puppies they can grow out of the behavior, and there are supplements you can add to the food to make their poop not taste good and discourage this behavior. If possible, I would try to discourage this behavior if eating other dogs poops, as there are certain infectious agents that can be transmitted through fecal matter.

2017-02-23 11:58:52 -0500 answered a question On leash aggression?

Leash aggression is SO common (unfortunately). If your pup is treat motivated or food motivated, I would try positive reinforcement and counter conditioning. Clicker training really helps as well! It can take time and patience, but it can definitely be worked on. Your pup has a certain "threshold" that he/she will tolerate on leash when he sees a pup. It would be great if you have a friend that can walk their dog across the street. Every time you notice your pup recognizing the dog, but not yet freaking out, give a command and treat. This creates a positive association between other dogs. It is hard to verbally explain how to do this so I recommend watching this video (look up positive reinforcement and counter condition on Youtube). Here is also a link to great behavior resources! (

2017-02-23 11:51:19 -0500 answered a question How can I tell how far along my dog is?

If you are breeding your female dog, it is important to note her last heat cycle and when she was bred in order to know what stage of gestation she is at. It is very difficult to tell if animals are pregnant until they are more than half way along. Increase in belly size and increased nipple size can be a sign of pregnancy. I would always recommend having a relationship with a veterinarian if you are breeding your dog, as they can advise on proper nutrition for the mom before and after giving birth. The number of puppies can be estimated very late in gestation, through imaging such as X-rays.

2017-02-23 11:47:56 -0500 answered a question Why does my dog get ear infections?

Ear infections are one of the most common reasons pets are presented to veterinarians. Ear infections happen for many reasons, but the most common reasons are allergies and frequent bathing. Certain breeds are also predisposed to having ear infections, such as Cocker Spaniels and Labs. After bathing, I always recommend using ear cleaner to dry out the ears to prevent infections (certain cleaners actually DRY the ear canals!). They are available over the counter from your veterinarians. Bacteria love dark, moist environments- so the ear canal after a bath is the perfect home for them! If your pup is having other signs of allergies, such as licking/biting the paws and itchiness, I would see a vet to see if there is something that can help make your pup more comfortable!

2017-02-23 11:44:26 -0500 answered a question Why does my dog get a red rocket?

"Red rockets" are associated with excitement and arousal. I have seen this happen even when an animal is playing with a toy he really likes. It is really normal and nothing to be worried about. Neutering can help if this is troubling the owners.

2017-02-23 11:40:37 -0500 answered a question What do I do if my dog has had diarrhea for 3 days?

Good old diarrhea! There are SO many reasons that a pet can have diarrhea! Common causes of diarrhea would be dietary indiscretion (the pup ate something they shouldn't or there was a recent food change) and infectious causes (intestinal parasites, viral, and bacterial infections), but there are also more worrisome causes of diarrhea. If the animal is otherwise acting normal (active and normal energy level without any other signs), I would personally put my animal on a bland diet and see if the diarrhea resolves. White rice and boiled chicken (no seasoning) for a couple days can be given to see if the diarrhea resolves. However, if there is vomiting or a change in attitude or energy level or the diarrhea does not resolve, I would recommend seeing a vet. Also, it depends on the age of the animal what I would do- puppy that is not fully vaccinated? VET. Healthy adult dog that is acting normal but having a bit of diarrhea? Monitor. Senior dog who seems to not be feeling as well? VET. Hope this helps!

2017-02-23 11:34:57 -0500 answered a question Why is my dog walking sideways?

It is hard to interpret exactly what this could be based on the description, as when I hear "walking sideways" I think the animal is head tilting and walking abnormally. If this is the case, head tilting can be caused by vestibular disease and other neurological conditions. I would recommend taking this animal to the vet if there is a new head tilt and inappropriate walking pattern.

2017-02-23 11:30:51 -0500 answered a question Why does my dog keep peeing in the house?

There are many reasons why animals pee in the house: most commonly they are not potty trained or are "marking" their spot, however, urinary tract infections and certain endocrine diseases can also result in pets drinking too much water and having to urinate more. Especially with new dogs in the house, marking is very common- especially if either of the animals are not neutered. Neutering can help limit marking and spraying in the house. I foster animals from the shelter who are often not potty trained, and use a "belly band" on them to catch urine while I work on potty training (it only works for male dogs). If there are other signs of illness or the pet is straining or whining while urinating, I recommend taking your pup to the vet!

2017-02-23 11:24:05 -0500 commented question Why does my dog get ear infections?

Ear infections are one of the most common reasons pets are presented to veterinarians. Ear infections happen for many reasons, but the most common reasons are allergies and frequent bathing. After bathing, I always recommend using ear cleaner to dry out the ears to prevent infections!