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2015-05-20 22:29:48 -0600 answered a question what is the procedure with pet's food?

Whenever this has happened to me, I text them immediately and let them know that they forgot their dog's food but don't mind getting some for them if they're already too far away, and they can just reimburse me during pick up. I've never had anyone get upset that they have to pay for their own dog's food.

I make it a habit to text the owner a short list of items to pack the morning of the drop-off so they don't forget, because usually it's that the just forgot. Something like, "Hey! Looking forward to taking in Rover a little later today. Here's a friendly reminder to have enough dog food, a bowl, his treats, poop bags, and anything else you want me to use all packed and ready to go. Oh, don't forget Rover either! See you shortly."

Works like a charm.

2015-05-20 22:20:01 -0600 answered a question Is it ok if my dog groomer trims my dog's whiskers?

Like cat whiskers, dog whiskers are there to help the animal sense their surroundings more accurately. The whiskers on a dog are packed with nerves that send sensory signals to the brain from vibrations in the air. In other words, turn the lights off and the dog can still see fairly well. Sometimes, whiskers also act like our eyelashes, and protect small flying particles from entering the eye (ie., running at the beach).

That being said, it's not painful for the dog to have their whiskers trimmed, though it doesn't help them - unless you think they're that much cuter with trimmed whiskers, then I'm all for it.

2015-05-20 22:14:36 -0600 answered a question My dog won't use the pee pad anymore.

If you haven't fully given up on potty training, I would say definitely try again! Many dogs double digits in the years can still be potty trained with a regular schedule, patience, and some close management. Treat her like a 10 month old puppy you just adopted - she doesn't leave your sight (otherwise - in a crate, or someone else's lap), take her outside as much as you can and just wait for her to pee, and reward like mad with treats/praise when she pees outside. You can even add a cue for when she's peeing (my pup pees immediately after hearing "Go pee pee!", or will at least sniff around to pretend to pee if she's already gone lol).

My personal preference is very against pee pads though. It's quite confusing for the dog to distinguish that peeing inside but on a certain type of surface is okay. It's a little easier to distinguish that outside peeing is wonderful and inside peeing is meh. I know I didn't directly answer your question, but hope this is useful. Potty training even at an advanced age will save you much more trouble in the long run.

2015-05-20 21:38:10 -0600 answered a question Does anyone have tips for flying with dogs?

The more time your relative has until the flight, the easier it will be to prepare. Your number one friend (and the dog's) for any flight is the crate! If they haven't already, crate train like mad - convince the dog that the world is good, but the crate is awesome.

If they have more time, extend the crate to the car - it's the closest thing most of us have to a plane. The bumpiness experienced in a car ride while crated is a toned down version of the bumpiness on a plane ride. Show the dog that a little bump in the road (or cloud) is nothing to be afraid of. Share a treat (or a few) while crated for the ride.

As an extra punch, they could go to the vet to prescribe something to help calm the dog. Most vets will probably give them Xanax or some other drug similar to it. Bach's Rescue Remedy has a similar effect, and is most natural, if that's important to your family. And it's also easier to find on Amazon.

Hope this helps!