Can you recommend a puzzle toy?

asked 2014-09-24 16:54:45 -0600

My dog is crated during the day 3 days a week and I feel like she'd enjoy something to do. Suggestions?

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answered 2015-01-01 12:05:53 -0600

My absolute favorite puzzle toy is the Kong Wobbler, though I'm not sure how well that would work in a crate. Other than that, I pick up whatever puzzle toys I can find and rotate through them when my girls are using them regularly (I also generally give them out when I'm leaving for a while), so they're never using the same one repeatedly. I don't have a dishwasher, so the easier to clean, the better.

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answered 2014-09-24 17:13:55 -0600

kongs! Frozen is even better in that it takes much longer to "unpack" - good luck!

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answered 2016-03-29 16:25:01 -0600

Nina Ottosen has some great dog puzzles of varying difficulty. However, I've found that the removable pieces are easily chewed so you need to watch while dog plays with them. It is really fun to watch their little minds work and figure it out. The brown slidey-brick game is one of the easiest. My dog figured that one out very quickly. I have given her the hardest one, which is pie pieces that slide, and the dog has to first take out the bones. She has figured this out and has chewed all the bones. But we still enjoy sliding pieces under the pie slices. All of these puzzle take a little bit of room...as the dog has to slide his paw to move the piece. So they aren't great for inside a crate, but if you leave your dog in an ex-pen there is room.
Here's a link to the Nina Ottosen puzzles: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nbsbssc0_8?url=search-alias%3Dpets&field-keywords=nina+ottosson&sprefix=nina+ott%2Caps%2C254

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answered 2014-09-29 11:59:15 -0600

My dog has a special bone she only gets in her crate. I also give her a fish skin chew to work on when she needs to be crated outside our normal schedule. Works great!

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answered 2014-09-24 17:41:15 -0600

a nice bone or antler chew?

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answered 2015-01-01 07:41:08 -0600

I use kongs or cow hooves stuffed with frozen peanut butter. I also just recently got my boy a kyjen puzzle bowl. It takes him over 10 minutes to eat a meal now. Its Wonderful!!

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