My dog wont drink water out of her bowl. Why?

asked 2015-10-19 12:07:53 -0600

We have a water bowl my dog has always used in the laundry room. This weekend, she decided she would no longer drink out of it. Instead, she licks water off the ground outside, and even tries to drink from the toilet. I've washed the bowl, and her collar tags don't clink on the bowl. Any ideas why she all of a sudden is boycotting the water bowl?

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answered 2015-10-19 16:20:12 -0600

I've had dogs who had a strong preference for the type of bowl (metal, glass, plastic) and dogs who wouldn't drink from water the other dogs had already drank from, but if this is the same bowl and circumstances as before, I wonder if something unpleasant got into the water that turned her off that bowl/location. If it tasted/smelled bad enough, she may have developed a pretty strong aversion. After thoroughly cleaning the bowl again, I'd relocate it somewhere else in the house to see if she'll give it another try. You could try putting a little broth in to entice her to use the bowl before giving her boring old water in it again. If she starts drinking from the dish in the new area, then try moving it back to its previous location, again trying the broth if she's hesitant to use the dish in the laundry room.

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